Deceit. – Verschollen EP Review

deceit verschollenDeceit. has been pushing his brand of moody atmospherics for some time now; through regular DJing, including a monthly show on Dusk FM, and increasingly through his productions. Verschollen translates from German to mean missing or lost which fits perfectly with the powerful sense of longing that emanates from this release.

Each of the four tracks on offer features a different guest vocalist which adds range to an already diverse producer. ‘Darkness/85 In The Fog’ features Jermaine who gives an incredible performance; switching between ominous spoken word and soulful melodies. The track is minimal but builds the mood with the small number of elements used. During the second half of the track the crackling bell tolls are a dramatic addition that works well.

‘Closure’ is a beautiful pop track which morphs between delicate muted guitars  and soaring “purple” synths. All the while Lily Kerbey provides ideal vocals which are well woven in. The song concludes with the elements of the track building and working their way into an impassioned crescendo. Treading similar ground, ‘Breathe’ again features passionate female vocals and lofty synths. This track feels much more direct in its approach though with heavier drums and more penetrating tones.

The earthy vocals of Pravitas on ‘Attack’ are probably the standout on the release. This is a vocal style less commonly heard on this type of track, which really works for me. The wooden percussion just before the second drop really dragged me back into the song as well.

Two remixes have also been put together for the release. The first, from Muzzy, is a drum and bass rework of ’85 In The Fog’ and incorporates more electronic glitches and waves of bass. Crucially though, he has included a breakdown which captures the emotion of the original.

The Halcyon remix of ‘Closure’ then takes the track in a completely different direction, with a trap twist. Whilst it initially drops into a stripped back dirty south beat, this builds to an anthemic conclusion when the synths of the original are introduced.

These four tracks show that Nick’s time at the Leeds College of Music is obviously being well used. This along with the two remixes and the fact you can literally have this package for free make it a must.

The EP will be released on his Facebook page on the 8th of Feb and you can also keep up to date with him on Soundcloud.

Written by Andy Brennan


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