Leftfoot & Under the Counter presents Mala

Renowned for their staple supply of alternative music for Birmingham’s electronic scene Leftfoot are back at it again collaborating with ‘Under the Counter’ to bring back half of Digital Mystikz and forefather of dubstep ‘Mala’. It is an absolute treat to be able to see such an artist perform in a venue as small and special as the Hare & Hounds. Boasting UB40’s first gig as far back as 1979, this is a location that oozes special magical vibes and is the perfect setting for a night music such as this.

Support on the night was provided by local dubstep artist and general alternative culture provider Goosensei who’s tunes have been released on Dubs Alive, supported by the likes of BunZer0 and remixed by non other than Noah D. If there is ever a 140 night in the midlands – he is the go to guy for vibes and plays a guaranteed unique but strong collection of dubstep and bass music. We caught up with him after to ask him how he felt the night went; “”Mala once again brought the vibes on Friday night! Every time he rolls into town an oasis of appreciation for deep, bass driven, roots music appears! The dance floor was rammed and skanking to the end when lights turned on! Maximum respect!! “.

Alongside this was KnickerBocker Corey, silk FM regular and talented Birmingham DJ going on a special B2B performance with Sam Redmoore. A wide range of music moving in and out of dubstep kept the crowd going consistently.


The main event however, was really something special. Mala drew for some of the lesser played plates in his collection bringing a much darker energetic – almost dungeon – style of dubstep for a little while with some tunes I would really like some Ids for. Outside of this exploration we had some of the classics such as Dub Mechanic’s ‘Propane’, Commodo’s remix ‘Miracles’ and the Mala staple ‘Changes’.

One tune seriously worth a mention was a brand new take on ‘Left Leg Out’ which after ready FKOF’s review of Mala in the Netherlands recently I had been eagerly awaiting. It seems he has been listening more to the Gantz, Las, Innamind area of music for inspiration and this new remix of a classic was as unique to the original as it was to our ears. Melodic but very repetitive – this was a real eyes down VIP of a tune I’ve loved hearing out for years; a modern take on the classic synths used 8 years ago in 2006!

It’s such a treat to be able to listen to this type of music on my doorstep in the midlands – it’s in such short supply at the moment in the whole of the UK in general. Proper dubstep nights, although now few and far between, still have that real original sound vibe and the Hare & Hounds couldn’t be more perfect as the hosts. A special thanks to Leftfoot and Under the Counter for bringing Mala back to Birmingham, same again next year?

Written By Michael Thomas



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