Route 8 – Eleda

Fans of the analogue side of house and techno will have come to expect great things from Hungarian producer Route 8. He set the bar high in 2013 with a couple of really great releases and has managed to maintain that high standard throughout 2014 with a single and an EP on Lobster Theremin. His most recent EP, Eleda, adds to this ever increasing list of impressive releases. Put out by up and coming Greek label Nous, this collection of four original tracks and one remix showcases Route 8’s talent for combining atmospheric and thoughtful melodic components with rhythms that are viscerally physical.


Eleda kicks off with “Memory Disorders”, a slow but propulsive opener that sets the tone for the rest of the EP, its dramatic builds serving as a warm up for what is to follow. “Waving Goodbye” picks up the pace, but continues on a theme with its playful rhythms and groovy analogue bass offset by carefully layered moody synths. Eleda’s middle track, “C19” is also its best. Ditching a more conventional 4-2-the-floor rhythm, the EP’s centrepiece is infectiously rhythmic, whilst invoking a great sense of awe. Imagine looking up to the stars and being filled with a sense of one’s place in the universe whilst dancing like its 3 A.M. and you can’t stop moving your jaw and you’ve probably got the right idea.

“Erase Dub” doesn’t seem to cover any ground that hasn’t already been explored in Eleda’s first three tracks, but it’s nonetheless another pretty successful example of Route 8’s sound and not a bad way to finish off the four original tracks. The EP’s final track is also its most high energy. DJ Dt89’s remix of “Waving Goodbye” shows how Route 8’s sonic palette can be used to achieve something more obviously uplifting and has a great build up and drop about two thirds of the way in. Route 8 is yet to put a foot wrong and Eleda will no doubt help to cement his reputation as one of the most exciting and reliable producers around.

By Sam Jacobs


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