Broken Dub House Review (feat. Mala, Coki, Dubkasm and Truth)

When DMZ announced at the end of summer they were bringing their dance back to Brixton, it sent excited shock waves across the dubstep community. This was the second of such events bringing Dubkasm, Truth and the infamously bass heavy RC1 sound system to the Prince of Wales which is right off Brixton square, the original home of DMZ and the new home of Broken Dub House.

When we first arrived the buzz outside the venue was already heavy, people queuing round the corner to be the first inside and first in front of the bass bins. Dubkasm were already rocking the venue as we walked in, traveling through their extensive back catalogue of dubplates and dubwise rhythms to set the tone for the night. As time went on their selections were getting more of a crowd response and a live version of their well known track ‘Victory’ got one of the best reactions of the night.

Next up was Truth, a pair of artists who have recently cemented themselves in 140 history for their lucid mixing, heavy hitting music and ability to create a real vibe in the dance. A new piece with vocal artist Ill Chill absolutely destroyed the room, as did their tune ‘Skin Flick’ and a number of other slower pieces, breaking up the constant dubstep onslaught nicely. Dre even drew for a few older Loefah pieces, including Disko Rekah, which really fit the style of the night which had the RC1 roaring and everyone from the front to the back screaming for a reload.

Finally, around 2.30 Mala stepped up to the decks and thanked everyone for attending and began one of the best musical experiences I’ve had in years. Mala and Coki were both rocking the biggest smiles the whole way through, clearly enjoying their return to a small venue in central London as much as the crowd were. It started up with some new wave Medi classics but slowly descended into the dark world of Coki with his heavy mid range beats sounding absolutely fantastic over the RC1; a sound system truly built for this type of music.

The clock was well past 4 but the tunes kept on flowing and a clearly euphoric Mala began to explore some of the lesser played beats in his bag. James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’ was emotional to say the least, breaking up the heavier music to allow everyone a moment to reflect on the evening. Then his final ‘squeezer’ was Swindle’s ‘Smash and Grab’, the jazz influenced hefty hitter was the perfect way to end the evening with people bouncing off the walls in jubilation.

This night was a truly magical dubstep experience, it has been a few years since I’ve been to anything like it and all the famous names and faces in the scene (whether playing or not) were testimonial to how special this night was. The next dance is on the 19th of December and you would be crazy to miss it. Broken Dub House.


Written by Michael Thomas

Video by BASS PASS:


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