Effy – Distant Sounds Review (IM026)

EffyDespite having reviewed the last Infinite Machine release from Liar, we just can’t help but go back to the Montreal based label for more. This latest EP, the 26th for the label, sees Irish duo Effy take things in a slightly different direction. The tracks are effortlessly grooving techno which have rightfully seen the support of the likes of Loefah and fellow Swamp affiliates.

‘Move’ uses a dark aesthetic from the get go; created from a daunting vocal, chunky drums and sinister bass stabs. The rolling nature of the drums gives the track a real dance floor presence though, particularly throughout the breakdown in the middle of the track. Troy Gunner then takes the track down a daedal path of minimalism which is a more challenging listen but definitely a rewarding one with the subterranean sounds they create.

The pair use a similar wheeling style on ‘Bourbon Switch’ but with a time signature change in the middle of track to keep the listener on their toes. This little switch up makes the track hit all the harder on the switch back to four by four. Fifth Wall co founder, Hound Scales, has then been enlisted for the remix here. His ‘Shade 2 Go’ remix is a slab of visceral, industrial techno. The grating highs work themselves into a distorted rhythm over a constantly rumbling low end and add together to make a uncompromising track that is made for a dark warehouse and a gargantuan system.

This label and these artists have been impressing for a while now and we can only expect the quality to continue; keep your eyes peeled for what’s next.

Purchase available here.

Written by Andy Brennan


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