Subp Yao – City Of Dreams EP Review (DGGT004)

Subp YaoSubp Yao is a name that has only just come to my attention but going through his back catalogue has been a true delight. His latest release, the City Of Dreams EP, comes on the fledgling Doggtown label and has seen support from the likes of Plastician. Based in Amsterdam, this producer specialises in stadium sized sub frequencies and can just as easily take the trap sound in a dark or euphoric direction.

The EP starts up with the synth stabs and military snares of ‘Into The Great Wide Open’. The drop into the synth arpeggios is engineered perfectly to reverberate your whole body. ‘Sum Sum’ takes a darker and more minimalistic approach as well as featuring a vocal from fellow Dutchman DOOp. The tribal drums are juxtaposed by glitchy electronics throughout the second drop which adds more variety throughout.

At a slower, more traditional hip hop BPM, ‘City Of Dreams’ works on a similar level through the use of chopped and morphed electronics. This time around though they take on a more disorienting and intergalactic persona. ‘So Wild’ finishes off the whole affair and also features a guest vocal, this time from Cata Pirata. This is the stand out track for me as the rolling drums give the feeling of momentum and the overload of samples creates a party vibe. As with all of these tracks the bass hits hard but the key element here is a sped up middle section which reaches dnb territory before dropping back to the starting tempo and makes the bass feel even more potent.

Subp Yao has definitely earned himself another fan in me and whilst this might be pretty far from the most intelligent or forward thinking fare around at the moment, this EP really bangs and would definitely get a club moving.

The EP is available for purchase here.


Written by Andy Brennan


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