Airhead – October/Macondo Review (HEK024)


Hemlock is a personal favourite label of mine; having released scene classics like ‘Air & Lack Thereof’, ‘Glut’ and the more techno minded tracks of recent years from the likes of label head Untold himself. So seeing the latest release from Airhead announced, I was definitely interested and these tracks, which have seen wide ranging support from plenty of big names, did not disappoint.

‘October’ is built on big 808 hits and broken beats and feels slightly rough around the edges but in an intriguing way. This is slightly unexpected fare from Airhead but seems to be continuing the trend started with his release on 1-800-Dinosaur earlier in the year. The more dance floor friendly leanings are clearly influenced by his DJ sets with James Blake and co. over the past few years, as he has stated in interviews. The progression of the song also has a significant impact as vocal snippets and atmospherics are increasingly used throughout, as the track takes you to headier locales.

The glitchy ‘Macondo’ has an elegant simplicity which will definitely work well in a club setting. The electronic twittering over the squelchy low end gives you a glimpse into the dancefloors of the future and the introduction of the euphoric stabs was an unexpected twist which really works. The percussion of the second drop is an added bonus.

In some ways, I wish Airhead would stick to his slowed down, post-dubstep sound but I think I’ll find it hard to argue when I hear these tracks in a club.

The release is available for purchase here.


Written by Andy Brennan


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