Vaun – Sidelines EP Review (MSEP016)


After the success of Vaun and Animai’s massive mindstep release, ‘Taking Over’, Vaun is back once again with his Sidelines EP, representing his own breathtaking style of bass music.

Vaun starts things off in only the best way. ‘Kismet’ is a minimal utopia of the most beautiful sounds caressing the ears and instantly taking the listener away from reality – it really is the perfect opener. The sampling in ‘One Touch’ then instantly evokes images like listening to a film score with your back turned to the visuals. These samples, along with the distant broken melodies and emotive vocal samples conjure up reflective thoughts, as we get lost in the music.

The track of the EP: ‘Sidelines’ has more energy to it whilst sticking to the consistent theme of the album. The drums and bass are powerful yet soft and elements like subtle melodies filter in and out as Sarah Zad’s weary vocals tug at heartstrings as she repeatedly pleads for closure.

‘Into The Night’ is another of Vaun’s film-score stylings. Animai’s vocals are used in more of a musical manner to create ambience along with great use of reverb and space, allowing us to appreciate the epic soundscapes as they develop and fade away.

‘Knowledge’ show off how applicable Vaun’s sound is for use in different applications. The smooth flow of Ill Chill’s provocative lyrics sits perfectly with the momentum of the beat. Finally, Vaun closes the EP with the soft chords of ‘Circles’, gradually progressing into orchestral arrangements to bring the experience to a gentle close.

The thing that I love the most about Sidelines is the consistent meditative theme throughout; Vaun moves the listener through a powerful vibe rather than getting in your face.


Purchase of the EP is available here.


Written by Nathan Keziah


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