Purple Disco Machine – Musique/Let The Rain Pour Review (OFF097)

purple disco machine

Purple Disco Machine is a long time favourite for us here at Spectrum, with his Sugar Hill Gang sampling ‘Move Or Not’ staying in our sets for a very long time. His infectious disco infused sound will bring life back to any party and his drawn out progressions really give you time to groove. His latest release, again on OFF Recordings, delivers exactly what we expected and more.

‘Musique’ is a peak time banger with an anthemic chord progression. The track remains relatively simplistic at times as elements are stripped back, allowing their reintroduction to hit all the harder. By the introduction of the vocoder at the four and a half minute mark though, it’s hard to imagine anything other than a packed room with hands in the air.

Taking a melancholic approach, ‘Let The Rain Pour’ is much more of a slow burner; perhaps better for the warm up. PDM’s tracks always have an intrinsic groove, which is especially present here. However, Oli Rose’s vocals are the centrepiece and rightfully so as his tentative and soulful voice leads the track through tense breakdowns and synth disco riffs.

Personally, I cannot wait for an opportunity to play these tracks out. PDM’s playful compositions always bring a smile and his production is as tight as ever here.

The release is available for purchase here.


Written by Andy Brennan


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