Lee Gamble – Kuang EP Review (PAN56)

lee gamble

Lee Gamble’s first release in over two years, other than remix duties, sees him back on PAN. Gamble is always one to toy with the experimental yet somehow keeps his productions from feeling too esoteric or self indulgent. The immersive sound of this EP continues to stoke anticipation for his next album, KOCH LP, which is due next month.

The EP is set in motion with the sounds of ‘Kali Wave’. This tune melds retro rave stabs and breakbeats but has been mixed down in a way to make the music sound distant; instilling true free party nostalgia in this listener. This is the sounds of a rave petering out in the distance. The meandering bass line and intermittent atmospherics add to this melancholy. Despite all of these downbeat descriptives, the elements combine in a bizarrely dance floor friendly way.

‘Mimas Skank’ builds from jittery beginnings into a wall of minimal dub house.which is accompanied by this mesmerising video. The video features the psychedelic metamorphosis of geometric patterns which sits perfectly with the pulsing sub bass and piercing percussion of the tune itself. The B-side of the release is the twelve and a half minute ambient epic of ‘Girl Drop’, a track which manages to remain minimalistic whilst pouring forth so much emotion.

Personally, the left field journey this EP has taken me on has left me in a trance. The depth of Gamble’s productions continues to baffle me and makes every additional listen worthwhile as I experience further layers of his sound.

The release is available for purchase here.

Written by Andy Brennan


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