Auden – Auden EP Review (HFT034)


The latest release on Scuba’s Hotflush Recordings sees a newcomer take centre stage. The label seem keen to release as little information as possible on the artist which can occasionally be indicative of it being an alias for a more well known producer. Regardless, this EP showcases a startling diversity in production and has piqued my interest to hear more from Auden.

This four track release is kicked off by ‘Flux’ which is the most club ready of the pieces on offer. The thumping kick is augmented by layers of more subtle percussive elements and the track winds between a variety of synth lines and euphoric stabs. ‘Whispers’ then takes us on more of an acid flex but on the moodier side of the genre.

‘Tension’ takes Hotflush back closer to its dubstep origins with meandering bass and two step rhythms. The dubbed out and echoed vocals and the use of space within provide plenty of the titular tension. The angelic vocals of ‘Trip To Fade’ continue to show the diversity of Auden and bring the EP to a successful conclusion.

It’s always great to see such important and well regarded labels as Hotflush granting new producers (if this is) a chance to shine. It is also great to see that whilst Hotflush has become a label firmly entrenched in moodier techno sounds, they are still pushing different sub genres and variety within that. The most important thing to take from this release is to watch out for what Auden brings in the future as these are some serious sounds.

Purchase available here.

Written by Andy Brennan


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