Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for July


Kahn – Untitled

No need for an introduction for this one. Since the upload, it’s had its fair share of circulation with everyone once again loving what Kahn has orchestrated. This one is apparently titled ‘Abattoir’, with rumours circulating that this is forthcoming on Deep Medi with his track ‘Over Deh So’. Let’s hope the rumours are true!

J:Kenzo & Matty G – Untitled

Extreme sounds from this link up once again. Every time they combine you know the outcome is going to be deadly, and this track certainly shows that. Using piano keys as an atmospheric build up, the drop releases a grime style artillery of weight and signature sounds from both artists.

VisionZ – No Pain

Again VisionZ has built a beautiful beat whilst lacing Jodie’s mesmerizing vocals through the backdrop. While the atmosphere and vocals are enlightening, the drop piles on ten tons of pressure. Through the nimble percussion and heavy bass line this track is certainly one to behold, providing both light and depth perfectly.

Reamz ft. Flipz MC – Distant Horizon

Reamz has certainly impressed the masses with his latest material, stepping his production up another level. This track oozes aggression in every way, layering Flipz MC’s deadly bars over a myriad of contorting synths and a vicious bass line.

J.K.L – Controlled Chaos

Another delectable beat from J.K.L. Once again he’s provided a track with buckets full of depth. He incorporates ancestral elements throughout especially through the use of the occasional chant and the withering eastern instruments. The use of space is great as well, breathing air into track and cutting through the thudding bass line.

Headhunter – Stand Alone

If people hadn’t noticed, this marks the return of Headhunter aka. Addison Groove to the 140 threshold. This new material is so refreshing to hear and it’s a delight to have him back at this tempo after such a long spell out. Percussion is the key here and this sways through various unusual SFX, maintaining constant movement and swing.

J:Kenzo – Deffo

I’m delighted to hear this track is yet another which will be forthcoming on Tempa. The releases just keep stacking up, with this news confirming there will be another J:Kenzo EP over the horizon. In typical fashion the quality is pristine and yields numerous of his trademark sounds, yet provides a more industrial feel. Hopefully the flip side will be the unknown piece previously uploaded to the channel.

Karnage & MarkIV – Witch Doctor

This track has been receiving some mad props since it surfaced and we can certainly see why. The use of haunting vocals suits the backdrop perfectly, giving it a wavering feel and ensuring the movement of the track is constant. You’ll also be happy to know that this is forthcoming on Mad Madam alongside 3 other beats. Be sure to keep a close eye on this pair, big things are coming.

Sparxy – W.P.T

Bacon Dubs head honcho, Sparxy is at it again. This time he’s provided a beat which not only maintains his signature twisting synth work, but has an additional level of grubbiness. The low frequency bass line and rolling movement provides a militant, eyes-down atmosphere. I’d say this could easily be mistaken for a Sleeper and District piece.

Headhunter – Prototype VIP

This track is the second production to emerge since the return of Headhunter. This time he’s mashed up his original piece ‘Prototype’ and created an eerie musical journey, cascading the vocal sample through the decibels and ensuring absolute hypnosis. I’m too excited to see what else he’s conjured up behind the scenes.

– In addition to my Top 10, I’ll be doing a promo section from now on. This month it includes recently released music or forthcoming releases which feature on the channel. Find the purchase links inside the info section of the videos.

The tenth minimix from the FKOFd series, this time from American producer Juss B:

Juss B – FKOFd010

The latest release out on Abyssal Audio from Sovex:

Sovex – Voices EP (AAD007)

A couple tracks from the latest release on Subaltern Records from RDG & Hitman:

RDG & Hitman – Mercenary Ship (AxH Remix)

RDG & Hitman – Data Flow [Digital Bonus]

Finally, the latest release on Indigo Movement from Eva808:

Eva808 – Childhood / Balmy (IM013)

Massive shouts to FatKidOnFire, Abyssal Audio, Subatern Records & Indigo Movement who also featured on this post;

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Abyssal Audio;
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Subaltern Records;
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Indigo Movement;
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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button.

Written by Drew Jones


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