Anangu – Shisha VIP (#SPK011)

10428515_686481364740091_3234174701143424473_nAnangu is someone I stumbled across recently scanning SoundCloud and instantly took my interest on first listen. After scoping over numerous beats, I distinguished the range in sound he spans over and the height of quality he can reach.
Not only producing deeper and darker bass music/dubstep, he can incorporate instrumental fundamentals into his music, produces hip hop and also a range of other BPM’s. Instead of sticking to a certain tempo or sound, he’s a perfect example of someone who produces what they’re feeling, defining versatility at it’s finest.
Unfortunately, he recently had some torrid times. After his computer crashed causing some of his files to be lost, he was also on the back end of a house fire leading to even more of his material to be lost. However, it’s not all dark and gloomy. He’s kept positive and we’re delighted to announce he has his first EP release, ‘Lunatik EP’ forthcoming on RustOut Records.
The good news doesn’t stop there either. He’s been generous enough to supply Spectrum and you with this free track, going by the name of ‘Shisha VIP’.

“Shisha VIP incorporates a dub wise flex, stringing a waterfall of flutes over a weighty backdrop. With the switch up in step and movement throughout the second drop, it’s given an added variation. It’s typically old school in it’s sound, holding an extremely heavy bass line and all the credentials of what a DMZ track provided in previous years.”

Listen and download the track here:

Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Written by Drew Jones


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