EYECoN Spectrum Podcast #033

avatars-000087445998-vbxmlo-t500x500I’d say a fair amount of people will know Brett on a personal level. Not only because he is so heavily involved with the music scene, being part of the Trusik writing team, arranging and attending nights all over Canada and being a central hub of spreading music between people. But also due to his attitude and constant positivity. I know personally, I’ve had some really in depth conversations with him and you can instantly sense his love for music projects into every aspect of his life. Also, having had some insight into Forward Sound Records and what he’s been conjuring up behind the scenes, you’ve got surprise after surprise coming your way. All will be revealed in the near future.

This is why I’m so excited to have finally got Brett aka. EYECoN on board, being the provider of our next podcast. As you all will probably know, he’s an architect when it comes to mixing. Always on point with the track selections and a master blender, i’m sure this mix will take your head right off.

Listen and download here:

Track list:
Kahn – Prophet feat. Rider Shafique
LSN – Infection
Darj – Ka’Andirah
Warsa – Nightfall
Loefah – Goat Stare (RUFUS! & Grave Robber Bootleg)
????? – ?????
Mono – In The Half Light (Clearlight Remix)
Fabel – Iced Out
Subtle Mind – Be Eazy
Matt U – Danger (Congi Remix)
Geode – Vie
Promise One – M.I.
Congi & B9 – Scales, Steps & Intervals
B9 – IMK
Anex – Raise
Mungo’s Hi-Fi – Rules Of The Dance feat. Charlie P (Kahn Remix)
Congi & Quantum Soul – Paragon
Olie Bassweight – Why Are You Here? (Spec Remix)
Rakoon – Plague
BunZer0 – Oshun
DubApes – Alteration feat. Kinetical
Reamz – Modulus (D-Operation Drop Remix)
Dark Harmonics – Soukous
The Others – Amazonia VIP
Reamz – Light From A Darkened Place feat. Flipz MC
Sleeper – Brain System Control
Killawatt – Foreign Accent
ASC – Vanishing Point

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eyecon.403?fref=ts

Forward Sound Records;
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/fwdsoundcgy
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/fwdsoundrecords

Written by Drew Jones


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