Artist in Focus: Texstep

10342828_822784187751657_7006977680305829058_nOriginating from Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, the two brothers who form Texstep have been bustling out tracks since 2010. Having firstly found a love for Jungle, minimal techno and reggae dub, they soon progressed into the new breed of dubstep as the genre evolved and found an instant love for the sound. They began putting ideas together and through self-taught methods and working together as a team, they learnt how to both produce and DJ.

Since then however, the pair are no longer both residing in their home town anymore. Décio is still based in Portugal, whereas Fábio has moved to the UK, living in Brixton where he has begun setting his life up and absorbing the English culture.
Focusing more on their overall style, I’d be wrong if I said that these guys didn’t know about percussion and drum patterns. Most of their tracks have some form of dynamic drumming to centre the piece around, taking you into a distinctive frenzy of rhythm. Above all of that, they know exactly how to bring listeners into their main body through their building atmospheres and uplifting elements. Not only are they versatile in style of production, but they can span from light to dark with ease.

Having previously been involved with Prolific Underground as a featured artist and currently part of the Infra Tribez gang, it’s not uncommon for these guys to gleam is generosity. Not only are they really nice guys to speak to, but they have given out a mass amount of free music.
Lucky for us, we’re the next step in their path to be heard. They’ve kindly given us a mix for our next podcast in the series, but also a free track for you all to have.

Listen and download the mix here:

Track list:
01-Texstep – Sideways (dub)
02-Outbreak – The Hunt (Forthcoming Soundsystem Culture Vol.1)
03-Texstep – Emerald (dub)
04-Biome – Whispers (LostDubs EP)
05-Basscatz & Balkansky – Tommorow (Forthcoming Chateau Bruyant Records)
06-Texstep – Forever (dub)
07-Texstep – Whater Drop (dub)
08-Don D – Delusions (Forthcoming Soundsystem Culture Vol.1)
09-Basscatz – Dreaming (Platorm-Music 008)
10-Love The Cook – Tranquillo (Forthcoming Lutetia 017)
11-Bakir – Red Hook (FKOFd008)
12-D-Cult – Inside World (Liu Kang EP)
13-Fornax – Black (MSC004)
14-Seth – Phorte (Bloodstock by Dj Foster – Nomad Records)
15-Basscatz & Balkansky – Sea Glass (Forthcoming Chateau Bruyant Records)
16-Biome – Cromos (Tempa 090)
17-Texstep – Forgotten Future (dub)
18-Sleeper – Coded Language (Mass Transference EP Part One)
19-De Niro – Midnight Blue (FKOF Free Download)
20-Deafblind – Untitled Forever (Foundation Audio 005)
21-Feonix – Nightlight (FKOF Free Download)
22-FNC – Necrosis (FNC EP)

Listen and download the free track here:

“Sideways begins with a very mysterious back drop, using repetitive crunching and the occasional enlightening synth to cement an atmosphere in place. As the track progresses forward these elements remain as prominent features, with the crunching becoming more intense, as the synth shape-shifts and a certain step is breathed into the track. This one will certainly get your mind floating.” 

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Infra Tribez;
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Prolific Underground;
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Written by Drew Jones


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