Theo Parrish – Footwork/Tympanic Warfare Review (SS053)


Theo Parrish steps out from the long wait for his next album with the release of this 12”. Both tracks will feature on his album which is due out this summer on his own Sound Signature imprint. With this being Theo’s first album in four years and with his sound becoming increasingly more in demand, it is clear to see why this is a big deal. His subtle and soulful aesthetic is highly revered amongst the electronic music community and this release highlights that perfectly.

All funky bass line and jittering percussion, ‘Footwork’ is a slow burner which entices the body to move. The song structure is also particularly interesting due to the drawn out break downs and bridges. All the while the song constantly evolves. With the smooth vocal sample, imploring you to show your footwork, it would be hard not to.

On the flip, ‘Tympanic Warfare’ takes things a little deeper but still showcases the warmth of his music. This song takes on a more abstract form with poly rhythms and rugged bass lines rumbling throughout the piece. This single is a really exciting glimpse into his album which has got me deeply excited to hear the whole thing.

Check out his video for ‘Footwork’ which officially announces the album as well as a live tour.

Be sure to pick up the record here.

Written by Andy Brennan


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