Pangaea – Pob (HADAL2)

Pangaea have always been known for producing some of the most cutting edge and daring music of modern time, having been a staple name in the abstract techno scene since the conception of Hessel Audio back in 2007, these guys have been pioneering the sounds of today way before they were popular. Back with another 5 part EP on their own label HADAL it’s always excited to see this much fresh music appear from such a prolific artist.

‘Pob’, the title track, features a brilliant spacious build up as you slowly reach the pounding body of the track, heavy kick drums push forward through the vast layers of atmosphere Pangaea are so fond of filling their tracks with. Light synths and subtle hi hats add an extra layer of flow to a fantastic piece of techno. ‘Mackerel’ steps up the pace and echoes back to raves of the past; its upbeat 4 x 4 pattern combined with the 90s style synth work creates a really bedevilling piece of music. Listen carefully to how he has worked the high hats too, it is guaranteed to have you hypnotised within the first minute.

Completely switching up the style and furthering the point that Pangaea can boast variety as one of their key skills is ‘Ivy’. The heavy vocal combined with a more laid back relaxing rhythm add some depth to the EP and breaks up the techno 4 to the floor. The modifications of the vocal later in the tune are really worth a listen too. The final track ‘Solvent’ adds a two completely unique style into the mix; really weighty pulsing synth bass lines and clicking disjointed drums in the first half of the track and then pan pipes and thorough kicks in the second. The final 2 minutes of this track is probably the best 2 minutes of the EP in my view, which is really saying something. Dark chords and floating pipes create a really nice vibe to finish on.

This is another solid release from Pangaea, who’ve proved time and again they’ve got the tools to create some of the most varied techno music of modern times. Be it rolling bass or in your face kick drums, their music has an undeniable charm and lands perfectly between the less subtle techno styles and the melodic. A definite purchase for any level of techno fan.

Written by Michael Thomas


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