Infernal Sounds: Top 20 for May and June


Recently we’ve all been bogged down over at Spectrum due to numerous reasons. I personally have endured a mass travel to the opposite side of the globe on a travelling quest of a life time. Alongside disappearing from blog activity, i’ve also found it difficult to keep on top of the channel, hence why we’ve missed a few months of IFS Top 10’s. However, I’d like to state that I’m back and I’m packing the artillery.

As a way of apologising, i’ve done a round-up of what was ticking my boxes over the past two months – both May and June. So for this time only, i’ll be popping you 20 of the best tracks you may have missed out on.

Sound Control – Electrocution Dub VIP

Taken from the Sound Control “In Dub” mixtape. This one has obviously been dubified, taking out some of the ruggedness from the original’s synth work but with an increase in weight and pressue. For people who have the mixtape, you’ll know exactly how amazing it is.

J:Kenzo – Untitled

This one resonates to the deepest depths. You can instantly tell it’s J:Kenzo from the majestic drum pattern, backed by numerous technically wicked mid-range elements. I’ve honestly had this on far too much for my own good recently but it’s a track which shows why he’s one of the top in the game.

Biome – Cypher

We couldn’t go without popping some fresh Biome material in here. This one is personally one of my favourite tracks he’s done of late. Not that any of his other material isn’t up there but this one packs a punch that would knock you for six. As always he’s got a batch of signature hard-hitting mids, a spanking snare and an aggressive bassline to match. He’s also recently popped out a six track ‘LOST DUBS’ EP on his Bandcamp, so make sure you scope that out.

ARtroniks – Downturn

Some absolutely evil sounds from Belgium’s home-grown, ARtroniks. I’ve been supporting this guy’s material for a while now, and it’s an honour to be able to feature some exclusive material on the channel. The warping synth and acute percussion makes this one, with a nice dash of space to maintain the cosmic atmosphere.

V.I.V.E.K – Step FWD

This one is such an old-school sounding piece, taking you back to the 2004-05 era. It’s minimalistic, yet carries weight behind the bassline. The mastermind behind System sound is certainly regressing to that sort of sound, with those vocal fades and wobbles forming the main exterior of the track.

The Others – All The Way Down


Some really interesting and spacious elements to this track by The Others. It seems they’re another artist who has simmered on the brostep formula and instead gone more minimalistic with their productions of late. I really like the flow and step this creates through the rolling percussion and quick paced bass line.

J.K.L & 207 – Straight Trippin

All I can say is, these two need to continue to keep producing tracks together. With an already confirmed release with Biscuit Factory and numerous dubs behind them, they just keep bringing such interesting music to the table. Taking your mind into an intergalactic galaxy through the space-bred elements, it really does define futuristic music.

VGB – Insurrection (Dubbacle Remix)

I was such a big fan of the original of this, having uploaded it a while ago when it was released. However, I do know both VGB and Dubbacle are good friends and this is evidence of their combination of styles. Dubbacle as usually gives this a dubby lick, bringing some real momentum, whilst still keeping numerous of the original elements.

TMSV – Haze (The Illuminated Remix)

Continuing with the dub-style components, this one is yet another version of the widely acclaimed ‘Haze’ from TMSV. Possibly one of the biggest tracks to be released last year, The Illuminated has given this a different twist and taken it more to the dub-wise style, even more so than the original.

Sick ft. Talabun – Virus (Dyad Remix)

For people who follow the channel closely via Facebook, you would know how much I’ve been banging on about this remix from Dyad. It’s honestly one of the most surging drops to a track I’ve heard for a while. With Talabun’s bars over the top of the aggressive instrumental, this is the perfect track to get a crowd moving. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s now been released on Nomad Records, so be sure to get your copy from Juno Download and other musical outlets.

V.I.V.E.K – Square Off

Another dub-wise track from V.I.V.E.K, containing the occasional pan flute and a sumptuous groove behind the sound. As Joe Nice says, “This one sexy, this one has you wiggling the hips”, which couldn’t be more spot on. It’s got me grooving alright.

Texstep – Emerald

I had to include one of the pieces from Texstep, as their definitely someone I’m digging right now. ‘Emerald’, fittingly named after their mother holds a really beautiful vibe, with the atmospheric elements being top drawer. Texstep is all about percussion, and once again this shows how good they are with the drums.

Perverse – Untitled

One of New Zealand’s finest, Perverse are back in full force. With numerous features in my current favourites, this beat amplifies aggression throughout the layers. Straight grubbiness on the bass line and that second drop holds even more force than you’d ever expect.

Mercy – Just One Touch

As the scene opens up for more enlightening pieces of music, taking a much more instrumental aspect through the likes of ‘Mindstep’ and ‘Chord Marauders’, more music like this becomes apparent. “Crisp and crunchy percussion combined with soft and sublime bass tones.”

Truth – Evil Eye (feat. Joker, Taso & Lelijveld)

I couldn’t go through my favourite tracks right now and not include one of the Truth tracks which is out on their latest album ‘Hollow World’. Perhaps not my favourite, as I’d have to choose ‘Broken’ featuring Ill Chill & Lelijveld. However, this one carries all the styles of each of the artists, with that trademark Joker sounding synth and Lelijveld again featuring on the vocals. Make sure you pick that up if you haven’t already, you really won’t regret it.

Perverse – Cellular Suicide

Another track from the Perverse boys, this time with a rave-based, upbeat aspect to the exterior. With speculative thoughts on this being Icicle or Distance prior to finding out who this was, you can hear the quality of production here. They’ve been sitting on a lot of material, but it’s great to see them back in full force.

Proxima – Untitled

This beat has Proxima’s signature sound written all over it. I know there are some potential collaborations knocking around with Icicle but I’m fairly certain this is one of his pieces. Straight aggression behind the many distorting synths and the vocal sample used is just perfect for the atmosphere created.

Perverse – Subcontinent

Some really interesting sounds coming from the Perverse camp, with this track in particular carrying weight and a variety of interesting mid-range sounds. It certainly proves that these boys can create such a vast range of music, with each of the tracks featured here differing completely to one another.

Quantum Soul & Katya Gabeli – Emergence

“This is truly a timeless piece of music, with strings impeccably arranged to build emotion throughout the track, heart-warming vocals, tribal percussion and a sub bass that takes you to a higher plane. This one has truly has to be felt.”
You’ll be happy to know this track is forthcoming on Mantra Music, so you will be able to purchase your copy very soon.

Unknown – Untitled

Last but certainly not least by any means is this ‘Unknown – Untitled’ piece. Unfortunately we have no confirmation behind who has produced this, but we hazard a guess that it’s potentially another collaboration between J:Kenzo and Distance. That synth work is particularly similar sounding to Distance, packing full aggression and roughness. Also the percussion and some of the background elements sound very alike to the other track by the both of them. We’ll soon see.

Bakir – fkofd008

Content – fkofd009

In addition to my Top 20, I’m featuring the eighth and ninth minimix from the fkofd series, this time from Bakir and Content.

Massive shouts to UKF Dubstep, Deeper Vibrations, dubstepclassicshd and fatkidonfire who also featured on this post.

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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other youtube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button.

Written by Drew Jones.


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