Label In Focus: Indigo Movement


Indigo Movement are a label who have been truly catching my eye recently. Based between Greece and London, they provide the community with a consistent repertoire of bass driven releases. With the likes of 207, Argo, Shiken, AKX and the most recent addition of Shu, you can see the evolution taking place within the label, transcending through each release as their catalogue progresses.
Labels, in most cases, either have funds to start off with a boom or instead have to build an audience, starting from the bottom. Indigo Movement is a case of the latter. However, this has been beneficial in a number of ways for the label and artists. They’ve hand-picked some of the best up and coming talent which has not only built their reputation but also helped shine exposure on artists who deserve to be seen and heard. From speaking to Duckem (one of the masterminds behind the label), you can sense an aura of selflessness when it comes to the topic. Unlike most, he chooses to put the label and other artist’s accolades before any of his own personal achievements which can only ever be positive for the underground community. With the release of IM012 just past, I had a little sit down with the man himself to discuss everything Indigo Movement.

Spectrum: Alright there Duc, how’s it going? I really appreciate you taking the time out to have a chat with us.

Duckem: Yeah it’s going good mate, means a lot for me as well man.

Spectrum: Right, we’ll dive right in then. First of all, let’s start from the beginning. What made you want to start up Indigo Movement?

Duckem: Ok here’s the thing. I was not the one who started Indigo Movement. It was a good friend from the UK, Jake Tyler. We had the same ideas about the label, the same thinking,and I was helping him every way that I could. At some point, Jake had to stop for personal reasons and he asked me if I could take over. So I did. I loved the whole idea behind IM and what Jake wanted to do. We wanted to push beautiful experimental bass music, we wanted to push up and coming talented producers. We didn’t (and don’t) care about ourselves. I just hope I haven’t let him down. Right now, my partner in crime is a very good friend of mine, Theo Koustas from Grimey Joe’s Collective.

Spectrum: That’s a really interesting path the label has gone on then. I definitely think Jake would be impressed with how far you’ve come along. So at what point did you come into the picture then? As in what stage of releases were you at when you were asked to take over?

Duckem: It was right after the first release, around Winter of 2012, when I came in and started planning everything for the 2nd release (early 2013) and the label in general.

Spectrum: So since then, have you found any real problems which you’ve had to overcome? Getting a reputation and support behind a label must be difficult to start off with.

Duckem: Well, the financial side of it was a big problem because I had to take care of the masters and everything by myself and I was jobless for an entire year. Now that I’ve got a job and also Theo’s help, we’re in a much better position. About reputation, It’s something we don’t really care too much about. All we want to do is push the sound we love, the artists we admire, and whoever is feeling what we do, feeling the music and wants to follow is welcome. We have support from many people right now and I really appreciate it! There are tons of people who have helped us a lot through this and we have made some connections and amazing friendships too.

Spectrum: Well yeah, as you progress and keep pushing the label further, more and more people are going to get involved. They can all see the effort you guys have gone to in order to get to where you are now. So in relation to the financial side of things, I was wondering whether you’ve ever thought of perhaps advancing into the physical sideof releasing. I know vinyl is a large expense for labels but is this something you’ve wanted to strive towards?

Duckem: We would love to of course. There’s nothing like the feel of holding the 12″ of something you love listening to. You never know what will happen but at the moment unfortunately we can’t afford something like this.

Spectrum: That’s understandable. So I was wondering. It’s been a long time since the last Duckem release on the label! I know obviously you put the label before your own personal goals but surely you’ve got more material to come on Indigo Movement? The last one was way back at 002 if I’m correct.

Duckem: Exactly. Truth is, myself and Iant have prepared a collaboration EP for Indigo Movement, which will come around Fall/Winter.

Spectrum: That’s great to know. So, the most recent release on the label is Germany’s Shu. What made you choose him and is there any clues into who’s going to be next to feature?

Duckem: Shu is a great producer, with very nice ideas. And speaking of Germany, same goes for Ziplokk, who is a producer I’ve been feeling a lot lately. We were discussing the potential of a future release with Dennis and he sent me those two tracks, which we liked very much. We decided to release them, and we’re very happy to have him on board. In regard to the next release, I can’t really say anything but I will say that the 13th is a special one!



Spectrum: Completely understand dude, thought that’d be the case. Keep the mystery behind it. Have you ever thought about perhaps doing an extended EP on IM or even an album on there at some point?

Duckem: Glad you asked. Indeed, we have a compilation EP coming sometime after summer and I have to say, the tracks are pure fire. There are some very talented new names in there as expected. We will also do a launch party here in Athens. I’m very happy we’re finally at a point where we can do some things we’ve wanted to do since the start.

Spectrum: That’s great to hear man. Something for all of us to look forward to in the future then. Additionally, have you got any other news you wanted to let out or any plans you can let us in on?

Duckem: Well, apart from the compilation EP, the launch party we’ll host and the collaboration EP with Iant, I can’t really share anything else. But trust me, this year will get even more interesting.

Spectrum: I’ll take your word for it! So seeing as you’re based in Greece, I was wondering what the scene’s like over there currently? Numerous places in Europe have begun accelerating when it comes to input in the scene i.e. amount of nights, crowd levels, big artists coming to play. How’s it for the people of Greece?

Duckem: I would say the scene in Greece is small. Especially for our sound, the deeper side of the 140 scale. There are a lot of supporters, but the ‘scene’ here is dominated by brostep and trap. There is also a huge number of fans for drum & bass. When it comes to our sound, the BigBang boys are the ones to look towards (Jeph1 and Billy Widz) in Athens. But as well, the financial situation is going from bad to worse, and one, two, or four people can’t do everything of course. But we will keep doing our thing, sharing the music, the good vibes and see what happens.

Spectrum: That’s true man; just keep pushing your sound and see where you end up. Finally, you got any shout outs to anyone at all?

Duckem: First of all, to Jake, who is responsible for the existence of Indigo Movement and for giving me the chance to take over. Shout outs to: Fatkidonfire, the Abyssal Audio fam, Prolific, my man T.Koustas and the Grimey Joe’s Collective, the BigBang crew from Athens, Cryogenics, Circo Inverso and Disco Tocopilla, Allison Chanic, Bunzer0, all the people who’ve been supporting us so far and of course the IM artists for sharing their music with us and working with us. Also Standby & Wizeguy, Muco & Mesk, C.Kaos, Ex Nihilo, 207, Sepia, Argo, Dillard, Vlad, AKX, Shiken and the rest that will come. Sorry if I’ve forgot anyone; you all know who you are.

Spectrum: That’s great my friend, plenty of people to thank then! I really appreciate you taking the time out and we wish you all the best with Indigo Movement! We look forward to the future.

Duckem: Thank you too mate, we were more than happy to do this! Peace.

We’re also delighted to announce that alongside this interview with Duckem we’ve got a mix from the man himself and a free track from Bluez to fill all of your musical needs.

Listen and download the mix here:


Track list:
01. AKX – Young Tokyo (Indigo Movement)
02. Muco & Mesk – Can’t Get Love (Indigo Movement)
03. Eva808 – Balmy (Dubplate)
04. Ena – Ourselves (7even Recordings)
05. Vlad – Meanwhile In Dreams (Indigo Movement)
06. Duckem – Antipnia (Indigo Movement)
07. Duckem & Iant. – 0429 (Indigo Movement dub)
08. Drainz – Clear Eyes (Dubplate)
09. Shiken – Strategy Of Tension (Indigo Movement)
10. Killawatt – Static Tension VIP (Bandcamp)
11. 207 – Axiom (dubplate)
12. Spacedrome – Mad Consequence (Abyssal Audio)
13. Biome – Whispers (bandcamp)
14. Pbend – Sparkling Ice (Duckem Remix)
15. Duckem – Real Essence (Dubplate)
16. Maes – Valley (Albion Collective)
17. Shu & F.U.B – Down There (Indigo Movement)
18. Shu – Feels Like (Indigo Movement)
19. VGB – Phase (Dubplate)
20. Controlled Kaos – Music Box (Indigo Movement)
21. Bluez – Freedom (Dubplate)
22. Jeph1 – What Ya Give (Mindstep Dub)

Grab the free track here:
Bluez – Redsea


‘Redsea’ leads a blues style intro, taking you inwards with a combination of chords, piano and percussion as the track builds. With those elements cementing the main exterior, a dub-esque bass line comes creeping in. With a nice measurement of weight implanted and some really interesting instrumental value this track is a perfect vibe setter and will take away those spring showers, as we move into the summer sun.

Bluez will also be playing Outlook Festival alongside Jeph1, so if you’re lucky enough to be heading there, make sure you check their set out and send some love their way.

Finally, don’t forget to go pick up the latest release on the label from Shu, released on Monday 9th June 2014. Follow the link to get your copy:

Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Indigo Movement;
Facebook –
Soundcloud –

Written by Drew Jones


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