Truth – Hollow World Review (POW070)

In recent years, Truth have established themselves as a driving force in contemporary dubstep with their trademark pulsing bass lines and scattered drum patterns. It’s easy to hear a Truth tune standing out in a mix or in a club. Their history is rich and consistently high quality, with releases on critically acclaimed labels such as Deep Medi and Tempa and constant support from artists like Youngsta, Mala and more. ‘Hollow World’ is their third album, coming on Datsik’s ‘Firepower Recordings’ label. This raised questions among certain circles as to whether this would be less aligned with their deeper styles and more towards the Americanised 140 sound; however those suspicions could not be further from the truth.

The opening track ‘Come With Me’ has been a minimal Mondays staple for maybe over a year and it has the typical spacious and weighty vibe we’ve come to know and love from the duo. Vocal behemoth Flowdan steps up next, bringing some wordplay power to a lovely gritty yet relaxed beat from Truth in ‘Madman’, a combination everyone has been excited to see. The final product is fantastic and will sound mean in the dance.


Track three is another heavily relaxing sound scape bringing heavy synths and a lovely vocal from Lelijveld over a pulsing beat and the occasional light piano. These guys can produce any kind of vibe and still make it sound fantastic. Switching up the pace entirely is ‘The Only Ones’, which has some of the most interesting sounds I’ve heard of recent time in any genre of music. Heavily distorted and electronic sounding waves create another proper head nodding anthem. When I saw the artists who featured on the next track my imagination ran wild at the thought of Truth, Joker, Taso and the brilliant Lelijveld combining to create one beat. The Joker elements shine through fantasticly, his pounding kicks resonating over the rolling bass lines and working perfectly with another fantastic vocal performance.

Truth have been experimenting with drum and bass more and more in recent years and the tempo suits their production style immensely. ‘The Fact’ brings together everything I love about their music but to a completely different time pattern, again proving their versatility and that the thought behind these tunes is deep and thorough. This is furthered by the next track, ‘Skin Flick’, which sees them completely changing the pace yet again and having a crack at some 125 bpm productions. Their trademark sound resonates through and adds their unique aesthetic to a bpm they’ve not really touched previously.

Another vocal combination from the recently emerging TaLaBun who’s almost chanting style is perfectly suited to a dark Truth beat; a song I’m really excited to get my hands on personally. ‘Nervous (feat Bijou)’ is another random tempo addition around the 105 bpm mark and really makes me appreciate how much they’ve tried to make their mark on a variety of music rather than pigeon holing themselves. This track is a fantastic modern hip hop style beat and really gets you thinking. The next track is probably my favourite off the album, simply because of how much power it brings to the table. Taso and Truth combine with a roaring bass line and the simplest drum patterns; ‘Goodbye’ is a real nod to the dubstep tunes of old and would sound absolutely amazing through a good sound system.


‘Broken’ is a slow stepper with some spoken word from Ill Chill and ‘London’ is another 125 bpm twist on the classic Truth style of production, which will be really exciting to hear in some lower tempo techno sets. ‘Withered’ is a 170 banger comprised of nasty synths and disjointed drums which create that dark yet energetic vibe. The eponymous ‘Hollow World’ brings the album to a close and features more vocals from the fantastic Bijou. It builds up slowly and complexly and consequentially creates an interesting and enthralling vibe while keeping to a standard dubstep pattern.

Overall this album is another solid pillar of success in the ever expanding story of this international duo. Their productions are consistently interesting and fresh while still retaining everything that makes a Truth beat recognizable; smart space, interesting synths and fantastic drum work. Combining with so many artists and vocalists has ensured any chance of this album feeling stale have been knocked dead and gives a really intriguing insight into how they can not only build but influence a track. An essential buy for any electronic music fan and we’re really excited to see what else they have in the pipelines in the future.

Written By Michael Thomas

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