Sad Farewells and New Beginnings

Spectrum was founded originally not only through a mutual love of the music but through friendships that had formed over many years and a shared outlook on life. Spectrum’s original aim was to show a variety of electronic music through one single entity and in the last 14 months we feel we have managed that. As a trio, we each input our own thoughts and feelings into what we post and we hope you’ve gotten as much enjoyment from it as we have.


Now, we must bid a 10,000 mile farewell to Drew, original ‘Dunge’ master and cornerstone of our dubstep coverage, as he embarks on a journey across the world to live in Australia for at least a year. It’s a time of great sadness and great jubilation, as we come to terms with losing a friend we can’t really imagine life without. Anyone who’s met Drew will know he’s loud, vulgar but absolutely full of love. So if you’re one of our Australian readers, please look after him and make sure he gets home safe!

Spectrum will continue as normal, our additional writers will maintain the same level of content. We might even see some international posts from Drew while he’s out there but we felt it necessary to commend the work and commitment he’s put in this last year. Safe travels Drew, you will be sorely missed by all who know you but most importantly, have a really sick time!



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