Only Vibez: Ones to look out for in April

As always, OV have provided us with two separate top 5’s to express both sides of the best vibes for this month:


DJ Skurge and Juan Atkins – Turn The Knob

Well this blew me away, early Detroit electro infused techno sounds by these two absolute legends. Excited to know more about this release, which is apparently due by the end of spring this year.

Awanto 3 – Su What?

Loving the African style vocals on top of some very nice percussion, blended with a lovely house groove. Special stuff. Shout out to Rush Hour as always, consistency is their game.

Franc Spangler – Lumpsucker

A magical track with a real classic house feel, out now on Delusions Of Grandeur.

Ossie – Heartbeating (Heavenly Mix)

I’ve always enjoyed the output on Wolf Music and this release is no different. An absolute feel good tune and definitely one for festival session.

Zanzibar Chanel – ASS

Best video I’ve seen for a house track in a long time. Pure funk vibes forthcoming on Ruff Records.


Ghost Culture – Half Open

Been getting really into Phantasy Sound’s output lately and this track might be my favourite yet. The acid lead is simply beautiful and 2:38 gets me emotional every single time.

General Ludd – Brothers and Sisters

Delightfully funky bass line is on a bit of a disco tip, which combined with impeccable drums makes for another superb offering from Mister Saturday Night.

Tom Demac – Days with Poly

Tom Demac and Aus Music up to their usual high standards. An all-round great EP but this track in particular is an all-out dancefloor destroyer; the vocal is perfect.

Millie & Andrea – Drop the Vowels

I recently discovered Millie & Andrea through ‘Ever Since You Came Down’, just in time for their album to come out. It doesn’t disappoint either, and this is probably my pick, alongside the previously released ‘Temper Tantrum’.

Bok Bok feat. Kelela – Melba’s Call

Both Bok Bok’s jittery beat and Kelela’s dreamy vocals are utterly outstanding. As with every Night Slugs release, the EP is one I’m really looking forward to.


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