ARtroniks – Dissonance EP [MSEP013]


It is an exciting time for dubstep with many artists pushing the boundaries and developing the sound. Recently a lot of producers have emerged, bringing a softer strain to the table. Mindstep Music have consistently put out only the best music from this side of the genre making them a key player right now. Their latest release comes from Arne De Meyer who goes by the name ARtroniks. He is a Belgian based producer and DJ who has left an impression over time with a catalogue of classic tunes, regular radio shows and many features on the likes of Rinse FM. I like to think his sound is unique and recognizable for its twisted nature and lately his name has been cropping up everywhere. He very recently tore things up on Get Darker TV and you can catch his new show on Sub FM every other Saturday.


The EP starts off with a track called ‘Inverse’.  From the outset the piece is warm and mellow and I found myself mesmerized in a sea of electronic sounds and big low-end harmonies. The track is a lovely one to introduce us into the EP. Artroniks begins to step things up a notch with ‘Afterlife’. It begins with a glowing pad and minimal percussion hits. Over time more elements are introduced and before we know it we’re dropped into something with a bit more energy. Grooving drums and serious LFO modulations give the track quite a vibe.

‘Dissonance’ begins in a minimal fashion, setting the tone by the use of eerie ambient sounds. As the phrase develops, warped sounds begin to creep in, fully preparing us for the drop. When it hits it does not disappoint; heavy percussions, a rugged mid-range and rolling subs make this track dangerous! Arne shows off his synth work in ‘Rspkt’. Filter modulations create some unique resonant frequency movements, supported colossal synths, percussions and layers of killer reeses filling the stereo field and creating a dynamic futuristic sound.

The final track on the EP, titled ‘Nosebleed’, is a beautifully sculpted track full of huge reverbs and deep sounds over a steady beat. The track is clean and so the combination of all these emotive sounds and the simple drums make the track almost hypnotic. ‘Nosebleed’ is a bit less in the listener’s face, a nice way to round off the EP.

I think this EP is brilliant and it’s a pleasure to write my first article about it; all the tracks have their own identity and vibe but yet all fit together nicely. The EP takes the listener on a little journey into the mind of ARtroniks. Make sure you grab your copy by heading over to Mindstep Music.

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Written by Nathan Keziah


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