Less Effect Liverpool – Interview

Less Effect have taken Liverpool by storm recently, pushing a sound most people thought was completely dormant that far into the North West. Bringing people like Wen, Addison Groove and Objekt to Merseyside is a daring move but they seem to have been pulling it off. We caught up with head honcho Matt Pidgeon to find the secret behind their success and where the idea was first born…


Spectrum: So Matt, tell us a bit about yourself musically and the origins of your interests in electronic music?

Matt: I’ve always loved music though I have always been into bands. Was massively into Radiohead as a teenager and grew up listening to a load of Pink Floyd and Neil Young because of my dad! It was never really anything electronic until 17/18. I used to listen to Thom Yorke’s office charts he’d post up with loads of kode9, Four Tet, Burial and things; so I started digging into that sound a lot more. I probably have to give credit to Flying Lotus for being one of the first times I saw a “proper” dj and was pretty blown away by what he was up to! Then soon after that I went to my first fwd and the rest is history!

Spectrum: Now you are so motivated you’ve started Less Effect, we have a lot to thank them for! Tell us about where the idea came from to start such a unique night in Liverpool and your influences when choosing the sounds you portray?

less effect

Matt: I’d had the idea in the back of my head for a few years now. I can’t even specifically remember exactly what it was that drove me towards wanting to put a night on having never done anything like this previously. It’s mostly come out of wanting to share what I had experienced at fwd, in Liverpool. It was really refreshing to enter a club night that had such a mad vibe but everyone was so friendly and just there for the music and to have a great time, with a big sound system too. That’s another key part of what we want to do, the music we play can only really be truly represented when you can feel that sub! There are some great nights in Liverpool but at times it feels like the crowd can just follow what is popular and some nights are more interested in fancy lights and getting some reality TV star in to do guest appearances than running decent sound!

I met the other lads I run the night with on my uni course and we all produce and DJ, so it came together pretty naturally between us wanting to stick our necks out and do something a little different musically in the city. We have a mixed sound that we try to portray and we’ve tried not to discriminate with any genres or tempos we just like good bass heavy music. I think that’s one of the key things that lets us stand out with our residents, we all have different tastes but we all still complement each other’s selection.

Spectrum: Yeah there is definitely an issue with the UK club scene now; a significant portion of it has lost its way in a spectacular fashion! Your line ups are fresh but your choice of sound is even fresher, what was the motivation behind getting the RC1?

Matt: I think the quality of sound being delivered is perhaps the most important element of our night. After having heard RC1 a few times I don’t think there’s a better system in the country. Funktion 1’s are nice and Void to a great job but neither provide the same experience as RC1. It’s so different. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve been in the room with it; it delivers the hardest of chest rattling bass, with outrageous clarity. It was quality seeing people’s reactions to it in February because we’d hyped it up a lot and people were questioning if it could actually deliver. The amount of spilt drinks we had to deal with suggests it was quite special!

Spectrum: It’s definitely one of the most unique nights we’ve seen take that mammoth system on board and it never disappoints. Which brings me to the future of Less Effect, tell us a bit about the short and long term plans for the night and where you see yourself heading?

Matt: Short term, we will be running another night towards the end of May which is a collaborative effort with some other promoters from Liverpool which we’re really excited about. We’re going to have a small break over the summer whilst we finish up our uni dissertations although we’ll probably end up doing a few smaller more local orientated nights as we all love it too much so will need something to distract us from work!

September will be our first birthday, so we’re going to plan a stupidly big line-up for then and also try to persuade Jon to bring aa many RC1 bins as he dares! Then we have something special planned for October too but that’s secret!

Spectrum: Exciting times man, we look forward to hearing all about that then! Any shout outs or special mentions you want to suggest to our readers?

Matt: Yeah, got to shout out Josh Hewitt & Charlie Foy. Two of our residents; their productions are on fire at the moment. Charlie’s been getting support off Beneath, getting featured in his recent Resident Advisor mix and getting Rinse play. Also out to Sessions Faction Liverpool and Good Vibrations Liverpool who have given us loads of support and are pushing what is good in Liverpool.

Spectrum: Thanks for speaking to us Matt, it has been a pleasure!

Matt: Cheers mate any time!

rc1 less effect

Catch Less Effect back with a huge line up and an even huger sound system this Friday!

Next Event with Addison Groove & Wen:






Written by Michael Thomas


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