CJ Broad – A Series of Unfortunate Wavelengths LP

1982137_235786926545474_74898089_nPeople may have seen over the last week that Christopher Broad AKA CJ Broad has decided to go on a hiatus from production. This has come as a heavy blow to many, who had been supporting the artist, especially when he’d been showing huge potential of late. Not only has he released on some strong up-coming labels like Foundation Audio and Imperial Audio amongst others, he’d began increasing the quality of his output and it was evident to see how far he’d come over the years.
Although this break in production appears sudden, it seems to be something which has been brewing for a while. Due to the familiar situation many artists find themselves in, having to balance work with producing and still maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it’s unfortunately reached tipping point and the finances have ran dry.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. With the hope that he’ll swiftly return in the future, we can all hold out hoping for more CJ Broad material once he’s got back onto a level playing field. That being said, he may return under the same alias or perhaps under a new one; you’ll know as soon as we do.

As a way of celebrating his career thus far/commemorating the hiatus, we’ve teamed up with the artist to dish out this 9 track LP. Appropriately titled ‘A Series of Unfortunate Wavelengths’, this is his way of thanking all of the support fans have given and to show exactly what CJ Broad was about.
I know CJ was so thankful for every little like, every comment and any form of acknowledgement towards his music, so this seems an appropriate way of thanking everyone who supported him from the start.

We’d also like to say a massive thank you to him for getting us involved in releasing the LP but also for being a genuine, down to earth guy, who primarily made music for his own personal fulfilment but also for the enjoyment of others. His time has been an enjoyable one but it’s time to close doors temporarily and we’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed, in hope he’ll return again soon.

Written by Drew Jones


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