Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for March


Argo – Uplifting

This one by Argo received a play on Distance’s Chestcast #7 and pretty much signs and seals my opinion on the artist. Each layer of the track is expertly threaded together and fortified with overwhelming sub-pressure. He’s got a few releases coming up and you’ll be happy to know his most recent release on FatKidOnFire is available for purchase now.

Nomine – Untitled

This one from Nomine radiates an oriental vibe and unlike most tracks which feature on Youngsta’s show, this takes a real soothing and mesmeric approach. He’s created something really unusual and unique with the daunting vocals being the focal point of the track, building an eastern atmosphere around to help meditate your mind.

Taiko – Nickel

Taiko is an artist who stands out from the crowd for me, taking the more abstract approach to production and creating something oozing in imagination and originality. Nickel is yet another of his dubs which I’m dying to get my hands on, as he forms this synth swaying piece built upon a dynamic drum pattern. His eagerly anticipated ‘Spray Can VIP’ will be out very soon on Uprise Audio’s Live From The Future (Extended Edition) LP, so be sure to get your mits on that when it’s released.

Unknown – Untitled

If I were to hazard a guess at the artist behind this one, I’d probably say Proxima. It’s got that monstrous power throughout the body, from the hard-hitting bass line, to rugged distorting guitar mid-range. The aggression and those computerised sounds in the back-drop just make me think it’s Proxima the more and more I listen. If anyone has any further information though, message the Facebook page.

Truth x Taso – Goodbye

With previous tracks ‘Justify’ and ‘Trenchtown’ receiving a large amount of attention from this combination of artists, they’ve yet again stepped it up. In typical Truth style, the bass line holds supreme depth, wavering underneath the echoing vocals. This is certainly further proof of why these two need to keep making music together – absolute face scruncher.

Biome – Philly Blunt

Biome once again features on my top 10, this time with ‘Philly Blunt’, showing the more dynamic side to his production skills. For me, no-one can match this man for atmosphere, as he uses the echoing vocals and underwhelming energy for the backdrop. On the drop, a frenzy of drums are unleashed over the top of rolling sub-frequencies as the track marches onwards. His EP on Tempa is fast approaching, with the confirmation of ‘Genesis’ featuring. I’m sure you’re just as excited as we are to get your hands on it.

207 – Electrical Impulse

Croatia’s ‘207’ is someone who’s taken a lot of my interest lately. He has recently signed to Bacon Dubs and will be releasing an EP on the label in the near future. His attention to detail shows with this track, as he concocts an alien-bred atmosphere to build upon. The drop releases his trademark squelching synths, backed by a grooving bass line and best of all, small sections of space helping to generate this ultimate stepper.

Skeptical – Untitled

This man is unstoppable; without a doubt one of the most interesting artists around currently. It’s getting more and more difficult to decide what would be my favourite track from him, with this ‘Untitled’ piece holding more technical highs, a surging bass line and an uplifting vocal sample to coat the daunting backdrop.

Karma – Crampton Beat

This one from Japanese producer ‘Karma’ is filled with positive vibes. With that dubwise bass line, all you require is a nice set of speakers and a lot of volume. I’m really hoping there’ll be more music from Karma, preferably on System at some point this year.  

Duckem & Step-A-Side ft. Talabun – Man of Prey

Last of all is this deadly little number which is forthcoming very soon on Abyssal Audio. The label themselves have been pushing the boundaries recently, proving that dubstep is more alive than ever, from the ground upwards. This track, brimming with aggression, has been smashing the dance all over the country recently. Talabun’s vocals over the top help to form this militant, eyes down affair.

Argo – FKOFd007

In addition to my Top 10, I’m featuring the seventh minimix from the FKOFd series, this time from Argo.

Massive shouts Truestdubs, Deeper Vibrations and FatKidOnfire who all featured on this post;

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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
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Written by Drew Jones


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