Seedy Sonics Presents… 21st March


Continuing their spree of big nights in Birmingham, Seedy Sonics brought another varied and exciting line up to Rainbow last Friday. We’ve covered their history before, so instead let’s talk about the future. Being part of the MADE festival in Birmingham combined with their own end of summer term bonanza; the next few months are shaping up to be huge for these guys. Gracing the decks at their last event was Phaeleh, Komon, GotSome, NYTA and Icicle b2b Alix Perez.


As we arrived Phaeleh was just getting started with his relaxed take on 140. His style is completely unique within dubstep at the moment, with perfectly balanced chords and euphoric synth patterns which suit nearly all musical pallets. He played classics, new and old, including ‘Whistling in the Dark’ and ‘In the Twilight’; two musically perfect songs in my opinion. This set time may have been a little early in the evening for the full potential of Phaeleh to be reached. The crowd still seemed to be in warm up mode and although his set was spot on, it didn’t make the impact it deserved.

Komon was up next. Formerly known as Komonazmuk, he has redefined his style and moved down a few BPM brackets to the techno area. His set reflected his new production tastes, bringing recent classics such as Dusky’s ‘Esperanto Juggler’ to the table. Following Komon was GotSome; who’s made some major moves recently but not all so much to my taste. His house went a little bit hard and a little too close to ‘jackin’ for my liking. It can’t be classed as a bad set but simply veered away from my own musical preferences. The crowd absolutely loved it though and his set had the whole room at fever pitch.


Leaving room one, we ventured to see how drum and bass gods Alix Perez and Icicle were getting on in their b2b. Although 170 is a genre I tend to avoid at the moment, these two never fail to reignite the fire I thought had extinguished long ago. Their militant beats had the Rainbow garden going hard. Few combinations of artists could be as synergistic as these two; bouncing tune ideas back and forth off each other and keeping the set both fresh and flowing.


The stand out highlight of the night was NYTA, whose distinctive take on the 808 style has taken the music world by storm. Extremely high octane and full of energy, this set had the warehouse going absolutely mental. Throughout his set he managed to play three versions of his tune ’95’; the original, a VIP and a Roska remix; an interesting gamble which paid off and got a huge reaction from the crowd. As his set drew to a close, it became obvious he wasn’t going to be easily parted with the decks and proceeded to play tune after tune way beyond his finishing time. We got a taste of some interesting hip hop before he flew into ‘Midnight Request Line’ getting a few huge cheers from people in the crowd. He then played the original ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child which got a huge reaction until he pulled off a mix no one really thought possible; ‘Say My Name’ and ‘Anti War Dub’ by Digital Mystikz. This was one of the musical highlights of the year for me and probably anyone else in the crowd who loves these two tunes as much as we do at Spectrum. His set was pure ridiculousness start to finish and I can’t wait to see him again.


Closing the night were Seedy residents and organisers; mixing deeper house with tech orientated livelier pieces. Perfect sets for post 4AM. Brown Bear brought it all together with classic house and garage to keep everyone going well beyond 5.30. Overall the night was a huge success, with NYTA towering over the other sets with his musical prowess and diversity.

Written By

Michael Thomas

Photos By Alex Nunney



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