Bacon Dubs: Label in Focus pt. II

1979518_645608385476805_311824705_nThe label themselves need no introduction; having already featured on the blog previously with mixes and interviews from both Reamz and DubApes. With an increasing foothold on the underground industry, the word is spreading and everyone wants a piece of the pork.

Head honcho, Matt Sparks aka Sparxy has been someone I’ve been following for a while. His work has always grabbed my attention through his hostile synth work, acute percussion and momentous weight. Alongside his solo producing, he’s been pushing Bacon Dubs to even greater heights through the increased quality of releases, combined with the additional new artists to the label’s roster and as a collective of artists, they’ve all grown together to create this immense base of sound.
The most recent of the additions comes in the form of Zeiph, formerly known under the alias of Ohmtrix. His ‘Inside My Head EP’, the 13th release for the label, was a ground-breaking one for me, opening up an even more aggressively minimalistic side of the genre, containing four of the best produced and imaginative dubstep tracks of last year.
Since then, the label participated in their second major night, which was hosted in Portsmouth. As you’d expect, they laid out a star-studded, bacon-based core to the line-up, featuring Sparxy, Zeiph and Reamz. To add a little extra edge, they also supplied the stupendous additions of Sepia, Ipman and Kahn in what sounded like an absolutely top night.
To add to all of the positives, they have also put together a free ‘Evolution LP’ which will soon be released, featuring a ton of tracks from Bacon Dubs regulars and some new-comers. As a way of saying thank you, and to supply even further generosity, we’ve linked up with both Sparxy and Zeiph and they have both put together stellar mixes. Having listened to them, I can assure you that both pack a punch, involve some insane blends and of course a shed load of dubs for you to feast on. In addition to this, I quick-fired a few questions at Sparxy, just to give an insight as to what they’re doing behind the scenes.

Spectrum: So, focusing on the label and the most recent night you held in Portsmouth, are there any plans for more of these label nights in the near future and will you be spreading this wider over the country? Personally I’d love to see a little tour taking place over a few of the big cities in the UK.

Sparxy: We are definitely doing more in the future! We have two in the pipeline at the moment. I’m hoping we’ll be in a position to announce the next one very soon. I’m not sure about a tour just yet, perhaps if there’s enough interest… but we have plans to throw a Bacon Dubs party in London for sure

Spectrum: Obviously the label has progressed a huge amount of late and you’ve got a nice back catalogue behind you. Are there plans for vinyl releases in the future for the plate lovers and if so, how long are we looking at?

Sparxy: Well, I’ve always had physical releases on my mind and I’ve always wanted to take Bacon Dubs to the next level and put out vinyl. If things had gone to plan we would already have put our first vinyl out by now but with the way the market is at the moment and with the amount of big labels being dropped from distros, it seems like a really bad time to be embarking on that journey. That said, I’m not ruling out small, limited runs of vinyl for our fans… we’ll have to see what the future holds. You can definitely expect a physical release of some kind from us in the near future, I’m just not sure what format at the moment

Spectrum: Last of all, seeing as I don’t want to take up too much of your time; will there be any material coming from yourself anytime soon? Obviously you’ve been knuckling down hard in the studio recently, ‘Battle Stations’ and ‘Centaurus’ being two of my personal favourites. Ever thought of a solo album? At the rate you’re going, you’ll have enough material.

Sparxy: Thanks man – I’m glad you’ve been feeling it. I feel my output is the slowest it’s ever been at the moment but then I’ve been adjusting to some changes in my life which hasn’t been easy. I’ve got lots of stuff on the go but not much is getting finished at the moment! I haven’t thought of an album… If I was going to do an album I’d want to make it conceptual and not just a random collection of my tracks. It’s not something I think I can achieve this year but certainly on the cards another time. There are a few bits of mine forthcoming – look out for a remix on ShadowDub. There will definitely be another Bacon Dubs EP from me this year too. In relation to ‘Centaurus’, you’ll be happy to know it’s coming out on the ‘Evolution LP’.

Spectrum: We’ll be waiting eagerly for that release and I’m sure you’ve got plenty more in store for us!

Once again, I’d like to say a massive thank you to both artists for supplying the mixes and a shout to all the Bacon Dubs family. They’re a great collective of artists and I’m more than sure the Bacon Dubs sound will continue to give you a good spit roasting for many years to come.

If you’re US based, you’ll also be happy to know that Sparxy is travelling out in June and will be playing a few shows across the country, so if you happen to be near, make sure you attend.

Sparxy tracklist:
1. Sick ft Talabun – Virus (DyAD Remix) [Dub]
2. Clerk – Scale (Sparxy Remix) [Forthcoming ShadowDub]
3. Slaven – Insurgent VIP [Dub]
4. Stella – Ghosts [Forthcoming Bacon Dubs]
5. Sparxy ft Flipz MC – Battle Stations [Dub]
6. 207 – File Error [Forthcoming Bacon Dubs]
7. Sparxy – Antidote (D-Operation Drop Remix) [Dub]
8. J.K.L – Core Pressure [Dub]
9. Reamz – Frostbite [Forthcoming Bacon Dubs]
10. DubApes & Ohmtrix – Untitled [Dub]
11. 207 – Active [Forthcoming Bacon Dubs]
12. Sparxy – Contradiction [Dub]
13. Feonix – Eon Eyes (Slaven Remix) [Forthcoming MUD]
14. Sparxy – Centaurus [Dub]

Zeiph tracklist: 

1. Zeiph – TDOF
2. Fabricator – Hey (Love The Cook Remix)
3. Zeiph – Turn And Twist
4. Chad Dubz – Twisted
5. Mesck – No Shelter
6. Mono – Untitled (Foundation Audio dub)
7. Zeiph – Shapeshifter
8. Mesck – Dauntless
9. Zeiph – Keep The Fire Burning
10. Zeiph – Judgement
11. Zeiph – Pitch Dark
12. Zeiph – Vices
13. Zeiph – Need
14. Zeiph – Photosynthesis

Facebook –
Soundcloud – @sparxy

Facebook –
Soundcloud – @zeiphmusic

Bacon Dubs;
Facebook –
Soundcloud – @bacon-dubs
Website –

If you’d like to check part I:

Written by Drew Jones


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