MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 March

  1. Arp Xp – Five Black Forms (Hybris Remix)

A sporadic drum pattern (which is probably my favourite bit of the track) followed by creative synth gives this track so much to listen to. Even with so much going in everything is still clean and doesn’t feel out of place. The Hybris remix offers a level of depth that I prefer over the original but both are incredible.

  1. Gremlinz – Fallen (J.Robinson & Ink Remix )

Heavy tribal vibes offering a sense of space within the track. It’s easy to imagine the track being replicated out in a jungle, surrounded by nothing but wildlife. Beautiful crisp drums and excellent work with echoes give this track an intense atmosphere.

  1. Thing – Future Roots

Starting off with a haunting intro and then delving straight into some heavy beats. A sci-fi spacey feel to the synths and a killer bass line get this track on my top ten. Thing is absolutely killing it and this release on ThirtyOne shows that there is no sign of that stopping.

  1. Anonymous Releases – Warm Communication Presents “The Umbra Series”

The track has remained anonymous as it’s about the art of drum and bass and doesn’t need to be named. That said the quality of production shows just how much talent these producers do have. It is indeed a piece of art.

  1. Villem & McLeod – Think That I’m Yours

Warm Communications have some big releases and I’m excited to see what else they bring out. This track suits the name with the warm feeling it offers. Atmospheric, well produced and full of emotion. One of my favourite tracks this year so far.

  1. Fre4knc – Tellurian

Samurai Music have killer releases all year round and this track is a glimpse into why they are so big. That samurai/war feel to the track is uncanny and the heavy drums and killer bass line makes me yearn to buy the tracks. Once you think it’s got going the track goes up another level and hits you with even more depth.

  1. Skeletone – Rainy

This release goes in a completely different direction but is, none the less, still fantastic. Skeletone has some beautiful liquid for us to listen to, released on Think Deep Recordings just over a week ago. The jazzy vibe is something that has been heavy in liquid recently so only the best stands out. This track certainly stands out.

  1. Subtension Fr. Nuklear MC – Break The Rules

Heavy bars to fit this heavy track. Nuklear adds so much to an already incredible track by Subtension. With a release on Renegade Hardware this track will get the exposure it deserves.

  1. Robustus & Identified – Trapped In Thoughts

Tracks like this always remind me of a L.A Noire sort of vibe. That aside, this minimal beauty with that incredible voice expresses why this track and artists have had so much support.

  1. Octane & DLR – Murmur (ft. Break)

Last and certainly not least is this beast. I always get hyper when I see Break’s name on a track and this was no exception. I don’t want to give too much away so I’m going to say just listen.


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