Only Vibez: Ones to look out for in March

Only Vibez have decided on their top 10s separately again this week, giving two lists of 5 completely different and fresh tunes. Check out what Miles and Liam have been feeling this month:


Marquis Hawkes – Honey Kisses

Continuing a run of stellar releases, I could have chosen any of the tracks off his latest EP but this one completely blew me away. Early contender for end of year lists.

Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix)

Jon Hopkins, Karenn, Objekt and Pangaea on one release. Every remix lived up to expectation but personally feel this is the pick of the bunch.

Effy – Look (Ansome Remix)

Serious movements are set to be made by both Effy and Ansome this year. Forthcoming on Effy’s Disco’s Dead release, which is an absolute blinder. (Also Ansome’s playing live for us at Corsica 21/3, head down)

Seb Wildblood feat. Leo Naylor – Barcelona (Apes Remix)

More goodness from the Church camp, forthcoming on Skint Records. The vocal is worked to perfection,and Apes has absolutely nailed the remix, marvelous stuff.

Innershades – Nina at the Boiler Room (Kowton Remix)

Another remix, this time by one of the most consistently solid producers around, of one of my favourite tracks of 2013.


Third Wave Trax – Untitled B2

Amazing track, I’ll let the music do the talking.

Kindimmer – That Bang

Always been a fan of Kindimmer and this release did not disappoint. A proper catchy groove on this one, I haven’t stopped playing it.

Nail – NashersDub

We were chuffed to host something for Nail. This whole release is on point and you should definitely check the rest out. Shout out to Shabby Doll Records.

Oscar Key Sung – All I Could Do (Alba Remix)

The vocals are doing it for me, could see this one going off on the dance floor. Be silly not to get the free download

Kassem Mosse – Untitled D1

As with any Workshop this release is undeniably good. A whole album full of treats but this one is the pick of the bunch for me, absolute jam.



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