Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for February


J:Kenzo & Distance – Untitled 

This one needs no introduction. Everyone was wondering what it would sound like when these two giants within the 140 scene combined and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The production is filled with J:Kenzo’s signature percussion, fortified with Distance’s aggressive synth work and bound into a tight package. The groove the synth takes as the track builds gives it an extra dynamic. You’ll also be happy to hear; there’ll be plenty more to come.

Skeptical – Untitled

Since Skeptical moved into producing 140 alongside his 170 productions, he’s been making ground-breaking movements. This track oozes Skeptical’s trademark sound; a tight percussion and the daunting vocal sample ‘Resistance is futile’. With confirmation of a Tempa and Exit Records EP later in the year, this untitled piece could actually feature on either one of those.

Wayfarer & Kanjira ft. T-Man – Potent

Wayfarer and Kanjira combine, creating this grimey sounding piece, with the addition of T-man over the top. You can’t beat that slamming snare either, backing the aggressive vibe this radiates.. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a release for this one, hopefully it’ll find a home.

Proxima – Untitled

Proxima is at it again, teasing us with more tracks which could potentially feature on his debut album which will be released later this year on Tempa. This grubby sounding dub contains numerous violent elements, from the hard hitting bass line to the rugged mid-range and chopping synths. He really is in a league of his own at the minute.

Icicle – Untitled

From Proxima, to his partner in crime, Icicle; matching him limb for limb on aggression with this deadly track. Varying from most other Icicle tracks, which tend to have numerous lighter and technical elements, this one is all out warfare, from the weighty bass kick to the antagonistic SFX.

Bukez Finezt – Under Control

If you requested the soundtrack to the end of the world, this would be the sound you’d come across. Bukez Finezt has created something ideal for a sound system, with weight and elongated sirens,layered on top of the DMZ-esque wobbles and bass line. You’ll also be happy to know, this is forthcoming on Subway Music.

Thelem – Bring Me Down (ft. T-Man) VIP

Thelem is completely unstoppable. Not only has he made two of his best works recently in ‘Haunted Harmonics’ and ‘Shottaz’ but he’s topped the original of ‘Bring Me Down’ with this robust VIP. As you’d expect, numerous of the original elements are involved, yet mashed into different places, birthing the track with much more angst and flow.

V.I.V.E.K – The Big Bang (J:Kenzo Remix)

J:Kenzo is at it again, this time remixing V.I.V.E.K’s ‘The Big Bang’, imparting his signature style onto what is already an incredible track. Already having umpteen VIP’s, J:Kenzo creates something unique, fabricating his elongated synths and exquisite drum pattern onto the earthy sounds contained in the original. Perfect track to hear on a sound system.

Goth-Trad – One Drop

This track was played during his small mix containing fresh music from the artist including a couple remixes. I love the thought that goes into his music, producing this hypnotic track, easily inducing you into a state of meditation.

Thelem – Shottaz

As mentioned earlier, here’s Thelem’s track ‘Shottaz’ which took my breath away when I first heard it on Youngsta’s show. It seems he’s found a unique sound and it’s evident to see his progression production wise with this latest work. There are so many innovative fundamentals to this track, from the growls, grimey synth, shunting bass line to the light euphoric keys in the back drop. This one really is jaw-dropping.

In addition to my Top 10, I’m featuring the fifth and sixth minimix instalments of the FKOFd series, this time from Nanobyte and The Illuminated, which again include 4 top tracks slapped onto each EP.

Nanobyte – FKOFd005

The Illuminated – FKOFd006

Massive shouts Truestdubs, DubstepClassicsHD, Deeper Vibrations and FatKidOnfire who all featured on this post;

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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
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Written By Drew Jones


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