Congi – Tidal Fragments LP (CM004)


Nottingham duo Congi have been in the shadows producing alternative 140 sounds for the past few years. They are a staple name on the Chord Marauders artist list and as you would expect from this fantastic label have been producing a steady stream of interesting and fresh sounding music. When the full ‘Tidal Fragments’ album landed in our inbox, we knew we were in for a treat. With collabs from Jafu, B9 and Geode, this 12 track LP provides a bit of everything for all tastes, including a few ventures into the abstractly produced lower BPM brackets.

Although all the tunes on the album are produced with finesse and are fantastic on the ears, one which instantly caught my ear on the first full listen was the combination with B9, ‘Scales, Steps and Intervals’. The weighty sub combined with lighter percussion and echoing bassy vocal gives this piece a beautiful flow. The Geode collaboration is another duality worth mentioning; ‘Flow One’ is much aggier than the aforementioned piece however and takes the listener on a dark journey in the melodic common ground these two artists have found. Brilliant percussion and that classic Geode off beat kick snare assemblage makes this one a real eyes down stepper.

One of the more experimental tunes on the album is ‘Transparent’; an 86 bpm slow jam overflowing with character and interesting samples. The jungle like noises and airy distant samples only add to the intrigue this tune ignites in you. Really worth a listen and would work fantastically as a chill out tune in a dnb set or as a backing for a deeper hip hop piece. The final tune I’m going to mention is ‘Lost Path’ with its deep dark synths and enchanting beat. A perfect intro tune if I ever heard one, it’s atmospheric from the word go.

Overall, this album is further proof that the 140 sound still has miles of room for variety and innovation. The contrasts between the in your face kick heavy pieces and the laid back relaxation dubs keeps you interested thorough. Really looking forward to what Congi and the Chord Marauders’ team have planned for the future!

Written By Michael Thomas


01. Congi – Clouds
02. Congi – LOTP
03. Congi & Jafu – December
04. Congi – Sour Diesel
05. Congi – Attenuation
06. Congi & Geode – Flow One
07. Congi – Lost Path
08. Congi & Fable – Smoker’s Dance
09. Congi & B9 – Scales, Steps & Intervals
10. Congi – Spoken Word
11. Congi – Transparent
12. Congi – Quest (CD Bonus Track)

CD is available now with the digital downloads coming 28th Feb’.


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