MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 February

MOR D&B write up for February. Big one from Mr Imms. 

  1. Bone – Empty Place

Bone’s recent release on Authentic Music offers a beautiful floating drum and bass sound. This incredible track has the right balance of everything; clean vocals and overall quality sound. This track is coming out as part of ‘Authentic Gates of Dawn’, their biggest project to date.

  1. M-zine & Scepticz – The Grave 

M-Zine & Scepticz first release on Avantgarde is something to get your ears around. This rolling drum and bass tune has that incredible flow and dark growl you’d expect from M-Zine and Scepticz. Also I’ve got to mention the absolutely crisp, crystal clear sound this tune has.

  1. Alix Perez ft D.Ablo – Playing Games VIP

Being up for free download, this track gathered a lot of attention. Alix Perez with this absolute divine VIP; the vocals fit perfectly with the murky rumble that is trademark of the sublime simplicity of his productions.

  1. Silent Witness – FMB

Out now, this clinically finished track has a lot to offer. The Dispatch release gave it the coverage it deserved and it’s just all round amazing. The progression of the track and the amount of layers make it obvious why it’s one of the highest rated tracks out at the moment.

  1. Phace – The Setup

As part of Critical’s latest release “Underground Sonics”, this track makes its mark amongst the other large names on the release. Sounding like original Phace he pulls out all of the stops for this track. The killer switch-up half way through just adds even more to an already brilliant track.

  1. Teddy Killerz – Off World

Another killer release, this time from the heavier side of drum and bass. Incredible synth sounds and flow build this track up and it fits in well with the rest of the E.P.

  1. Overlook – False

Atmospheric drum and bass release on Narratives with some sweet vibes. Easily one of my favourite releases of the year and gets me excited for things to come. This being his first release on Narratives shows just the quality Overlook can provide. Being described by one soundcloud user as having “consistent quality beats”, something I’d have to agree with.

  1. Digital Monk ft Talabun – Conjure

Heavy minimal tribal sounds coming from Digital Monk. Those deep vocals fit the minimal drum and bass sound well and get emphasised by those large drum hits. Clever echoing sounds in the background too. 

  1. Dexta and Mauoq “Werewolf” (Homemade Weapons Remix)

Heavy quotes to start of the song get followed by an absolute shellshock of a tune. I like the original a lot but the Homemade Weapons remix, for me, offers that extra uniqueness to it to make it more favoured. The heavy synths and clever drum layout work well in combination to make this track special.

10.Mechanizm – Hooked on Love

A brilliant selection of jazz and drum and bass. Its emcees first release of the year and it’s huge. This is my first time listening to Mechanizm but it won’t be the last. The brilliant switch towards the end makes me so excited to hear the track in its entirety, I can’t wait.


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