Axh – Destroy EP Review (TEMPA086)

axh tempa

Based in Boston, AxH has been producing tracks filled with imagination, containing sub pressure which could cause your brain to implode. Easily one of the most interesting artists around, searing through the midst of the current underground sound, he’s the best example of how the American scene is blossoming and this release is the catalyst for the rest of the American based artists to follow. Last year he teamed up with Dubs Alive Records to release his Boulevard Stroll EP which also featured a remix from N-type.
Since being taken under the wing, having constant plays on Youngsta’s Rinse FM show towards the end of last year, Pandora ’s Box has finally been opened with the release of these 4 monstrous tracks. The songs featured on the vinyl are ‘Destroy’, ‘Giant Footprints’ and ‘Everdine’, with ‘I Feel Safe’ being the digital exclusive. The release from top to tail consists of swelling bass lines, an innovative mid-range and ultimate depth, all coated in AxH’s signature sound.

The first track on the plate, ‘Destroy’, is perhaps the general favourite to come from the release, with the track being a main source of ammunition for Youngsta during his sets. The track opens with an ambiguous atmosphere, containing sharp tin sounds until the echoed vocal sample swiftly splits the track apart. From the drop, the rolling drums are the centre-piece for the structure as you find the track slowly being built, the harsh snare and pulsating bass line in support. It’s only then you realise the full wrath of the track as the second appearance of the vocal sample releases a deterring siren, distorting through the layers and the track finally takes its full form.

In typical AxH fashion, you are launched straight into the action during ‘Giant Footprints’. The track builds with delicate background percussion, with the mid-range being made up of hypnotic keys and a slowly building drum pattern. The drop consists of another excellent vocal sample as the low end surrounds the track. The addition of the subtly aggressive synths and cheeky tribal drums give the track an element of further depth, however it’s during the second drop you realise the full potential as the synths turn from subtle into outright aggressive, forming this ground-shaking masterpiece.

‘Everdine’ is the final track on the vinyl and what a beauty it is, containing a lengthy vocal sample with oriental style chords as the drop mounts an attack. The interchange every 16 bars between the eastern style chords and the jagged synths give the track a different dynamic, giving the impression a mid-range battle is commencing. Everyone loves a 2nd drop, and it seems AxH has perfected his during this release with all the elements colliding into a myriad of synths and bass curdling mids.

With the blessing and support from Karma (the vocalist) he’s used a sample sang in ‘Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying’ as the intro of ‘I Feel Safe’. This is the perfect example of his innovative ideas, slowing down the original vocals, instantly creating a daunting atmosphere to seduce the listener. As the track drops you are thrown into an abyss of contorting synths, fortified by a thumping bass line, with the vocal sample slowly slipping in and out of the structure to help maintain the initial atmosphere. I’m delighted this hasn’t been kept from release as I’ve been obsessed since I first heard it.

This has been one of the most difficult releases to depict and decide which track would be my personal favourite. However, it’ll definitely open the gates for the barrage of artillery Tempa have in store for the rest of the year, with the confirmation of a Biome and Skeptical EP, alongside a 2nd album from J:Kenzo and a debut album from Proxima. 2014 is certainly going to be a year to remember for Tempa. I’m also highly anticipating even more releases from AxH in the coming year, so ensure you keep a beady eye on his activity during 2014.

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Written By Drew Jones


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