FaltyDL – Danger Review (zen10377)


Falty DL has always been a hard-to-define source of quality, his output on labels like Planet Mu and Swamp 81 has been as varied as it has been impressive. Drew Lustman returns to the longstanding Ninja Tune label for this propulsive and envoloping two track release.

‘Danger’ begins by emanating a light and airy aura as crashing drums build in the backdrop. The tune incorporates a simple yet effective bass line early on and returns to it throughout whilst building on intricate drum patterns and short piano riffs.

‘King Brute’ which features Shanghai Den is a minimalistic and ominous piece of music and is probably the more interesting of the two. The growling bass which lies just beneath the surface and the rumbling drums are shrowded by a haze. The track is industrial and grimy and keeps the listener engrossed as elements are shunted in and drawn back.

At just over 6 minutes, the EP is noticeably short, particularly for one featuring as many stylistic reference points and experimental tendencies. This comes over as a huge number of ideas which have been condensed rather than a like of ideas though; a concise and coherent statement.

The single is available for purchase here: http://boomkat.com/vinyl/886730-faltydl-danger

Be sure to check out FaltyDL on Facebook:


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Written by Andy Brennan


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