Trashbat – Hanako EP [MSEP 011]


Trashbat is a truly innovative force on the dubstep scene, his chilled take on the genre rivals even the most established names in that field, such as Phaeleh. Mindstep Music consistently bring refreshing music to the table and when I saw five new Trashbat tunes for their fourth release, I knew it was going to be a special listen. The ‘Hanako EP’ opens with ‘Dreaming of Fiji’; the relaxing chords ease you into the perfect place to lean back and relax. Trashbat’s music is simultaneously relaxing yet attention grabbing. When this piece gets going, its a true roller with some really nice aspects.

Next up is possibly one of my favourite track titles ever: ‘The Principles of Evil Made Fresh’. This tune opens with suspenseful yet relaxing tones. The whole vibe of the intro is very ‘Miami’, the trumpet and synths take you right to the coast. More perfect use of interesting and clean sounding drum samples brings together another fantastic piece of music. This is followed by the title track ‘Hanako’ which opens with a fantastic vinyl crackle and subsequently opens slowly out into through the use of wooden cowbell, combined with samples from birds and the wild. The drop is as relaxing as the intro, what these tunes lack in energy they make up for infinitely in depth and complexity. Every noise has been well thought out and placed precisely to create a completely unique feel to the tunes.

Track four opens with some tribal bongo work; something I’ve been a fan of since I was younger even before my electronic music days. “Shine” is more of a meditative roller than an emotional sound scape like its brothers and sisters on the EP. The half bars of bongos combined with deep and complex sub patterns take Trashbat’s style to a more typical dubstep sound. His fantastic ability with synths prevents these typical sounds from sounding stagnant however.

The final piece sees him combine with Vaun, one of my favourite producers of the last year and someone I’ve rarely seen on releases; hopefully this will change! ‘Ardent’ opens with a quite frankly tear jerking emotional selection of chords combined with a minimal and echoing vocal. The piece is everything I hoped for and more. This is probably my favourite piece of the EP, it’s both thought provoking and tranquil. Unmissable.

This is a truly outstanding EP from Trashbat, proving once and for all he’s a foundation of the good that is left in dubstep at the moment. He’s taken an idea that although has already been fairly worked, his unique take on chilled out dubstep is really worth a listen.

The EP is available for purchase here:

Be sure to check out Trashbat on Facebook:

and on Soundcloud:

Written by Mike Thomas


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