Artist in Focus: Dubtek

969423_557882297581325_935251778_nThe next artist in our series is perhaps our biggest to date; having already planted himself firmly in the modern-day backdrop with numerous top quality releases, he’s been driving an advanced style into the scene producing tracks with momentous energy and weight. With releases on Uprise Audio, Dubzilla Recordings, Shift Recordings and Vicious Audio, his music has been at the forefront of the direction the ‘140’ genre has taken, providing influence to numerous smaller artists and receiving support from some of the most significant producers/DJ’s of the genre. ‘Extension/Plus Ultra’, which is arguably his most successful release to date, was the debut release in the Uprise catalogue, setting the tone the rest of the releases on the label.

We sat down and had a little question and answer session with Kyle alongside a delectable mix he’s supplied to show us a little more about the artist. It was an absolute pleasure, and you feel a sense of humbleness from the artist throughout whom like many, produces his music for all the correct reasons, for his self-satisfaction but also for the fans that have supported him – new and old. Have a read at what he had to say:

Spectrum: Have you always been a fan of electronic music or have you got any hidden genre preferences you branch back on from time to time?

Dubtek: I grew up listening to mostly grunge and alternative rock and got into electronic music proper from hearing Squarepusher, which brought me to breakcore and IDM. At that time I didn’t like dance music at all but soon got into drum n bass, which brought me to dubstep eventually.

Spectrum: So how would you say your early music influences have shaped your production now?

Dubtek: I feel my early musical influences paved the way for me to make dark music. As most of it was heavy and made use of “dark” melodies.

Spectrum: There are certainly a lot of new artists pushing some extremely fresh and futuristic sounds but sometimes you can’t beat some of the older and original sounds. Out of all new and old dubstep artists, who stands out for you?

Dubtek: I still enjoy a lot of Skream’s older stuff as well as Pinch and the releases coming out on Tempa at the time I first starting to really get into dubstep production.  There is most definitely some great stuff coming out now right now, one of my favourite artists at the moment being Spec. Really into his stuff. Also Icicle, Killawatt and Kahn are really pushing 140 forward into something entirely different.

Spectrum: Would you say they have influenced how you produce, or just inspired you during your own work?

Dubtek: Yes, everything I listen to I take something from into my own productions, or at least try to pull something off and have it turn into something completely different from what I had intended.

Spectrum: When producing, do you focus on a final goal of how you want the piece to sound or do you build a song as it comes?

Dubtek: I try to focus on a certain vibe or style of track but often it is impossible to follow through and recreate what is in my head and I abandon the project or utilize the base elements as a foundation for a different idea.

Spectrum: What are your thoughts on the whole feelings being radiated towards dubstep as a genre? I believe people need to look past the commercial side of things – look deeper, but also stop basing everything so much on tempo and categorisation and instead focus on the sound that’s being produced. It seems there’s been a bit of a ruckus created but have you got any thoughts on what all the commotions about?

Dubtek: I will admit that it has been embarrassing at times to tell certain people that I produce dubstep. Aside from that though, there is terrible music in all genres and it’s usually the dumbed down bits that will appeal to a larger audience. I think people should not focus on this end of the spectrum or waste any energy making a fuss about it, it only serves to promote and hype it even more. Also, I like the term “140” more and more these days.

Spectrum: Regardless of the entire feelings towards EDM and dubstep, in my opinion 2013 has undeniably been a huge year for the genre, with numerous labels starting up but also with a free flow of some of the best releases to date. What were your highlights of 2013?

Dubtek: Highlights of 2013 for me would definitely be spending time in Europe, meeting all the cats making moves out there.

Spectrum: With regards to UA, how did you become involved and since being under the label, have you seen any progression as an artist? Surely there are benefits of being involved with such a top selection of artists.

Dubtek: Got in touch with Eddy through AIM and I suppose it was the right time, as a couple of months later he had the idea to start a label. It’s been a push for me in the right direction, making connections and getting my foot in the door.

Spectrum: Where do you see yourself heading in the future?

Dubtek: Hard to say. I will continue working on music and we’ll see what takes shape when we get there.

Spectrum: Any sneak peeks for future tunes/remixes that we should be listening out for, especially in relation to Plus Ultra VIP. It seems Seven is generous enough to dish out some of the best VIPs, so will this see the light of day at any point?

Dubtek: I’ve included a couple in the mix, hopefully people are feeling them. Nothing set in stone release wise at the moment but I’ve got a few that I feel could see the light of day in the near future.

Spectrum: Thanks a lot for taking the time out to answer some questions, it’s been blessed. I’ve got high hopes for you as an artist this coming year and I’ll be expecting some really strong releases throughout. Peace.

For me, this mix typifies exactly what Uprise Audio are about and the direction themselves as a collective of artists are pushing towards. Breathing something new and futuristic into everything they produce, they signify a strong indication of how the sound has developed and matured into something quite incredible. Without a doubt, 2014 is going to be filled with plenty of Uprise releases, hopefully from the existing members especially Dubtek, but also from the two new signings, LSN and Indiji.

Widowmaker – Serpent
Seven – Chemistry
Jubei & Youngsta – Neon Eyes
LAS & Mikael – Dem Break
Dubtek – Esoteric
Dubtek – Ethics
Spec – Anthropikos
Genetix – Point Insertion
Mesck & Living Proof – Codebreaker
Kaiju & Dubtek – Obvious Conclusion
Dubtek – War Machine
Jubei – Visions
Spec – Aggression VIP
Ohmtrix – Mammoth (Mesck Remix)
Wayfarer – Zeg
Juss B – Horse Whipper
Dubtek – Survival
Seven – Morning Light (Chewie Remix)

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Soundcloud –
Twitter –

Written By Drew Jones


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