Wide Eyes NYE Spectacular, Bristol Review

wide eyes

It’s always a challenge deciding where to go or what to do on New Year’s Eve, however, this year it was made much easier when the guys over at Wide Eyes made their announcement. A huge lineup of quality house music across two of the best venues in Bristol was always going to catch the eye. The DJs were spread across five rooms in Lakota and the Coroners court and there was plenty on offer.

To live up to the spectacular in the event name, the promoters went the extra mile to add those extra trimmings. A midnight fireworks display, fairground rides and fire poi acts added to the party atmosphere and the internal decoration which included 3D projection mapped visuals really brightened up the venues.

Upon arrival we were able to catch the last 20 minutes or so from up and comers Distro and Archive, who provided a high quality set which echoed their productions. This is where the only downside of the night came into play, the venue was so packed it took forever to move anywhere or do anything. After queuing for 20 minutes, we gave up on the cloakroom and accepted that we were carrying our coats for the evening and every trip to the bar was a similar ordeal. The upside of the cloakroom queue is that it was in the room which local party starters, BanJax, had taken over. Their garage infused house sound kept spirits high and complaints low.
Huxley then really impressed me with his perfectly staged build up to the New Year; an eclectic mix of house and garage with an ever present emphasis on bass, executed with skill. At this point, it’s probably worth mentioning the upside of the packed venue; every room was busy. This meant moving through the rooms, you were constantly met by a hyped crowd and a DJ putting his all in to hold the crowd.

wide eyes 3

After midnight, it was the resident of another local night, Ilkin, who kept the party going with classics like ‘Blue Monday’ and a garage remix of ‘Clint Eastwood’ by Gorillaz. This built up perfectly to what was, for me at least, the highlight of the night; Route 94. Having seen him about a month previously, I knew he was on fire and always able to provide a rousing party atmosphere. Any worries that his set might be less exciting having seen him so recently disappeared as soon as he stepped up. Tracks like ‘My Love’ and his remix of ‘Always’ are truly euphoric and were received as such by the packed crowd. Special shouts go out to the Halfnaked residents who, despite clashing with Route 94, kept a packed crowd in the Coroners Court main room and really impressed me from what I heard.

wide eyes 2

At this point, I have to admit the night does get pretty hazy as the Wide Eyes guys provided such a great atmosphere to let loose in. The night was closed out by the garagey sounds of xxxy and the smooth house of Pedestrian. This was a hugely successful night from a group of promoters who really know what they are doing and since starting these Wide Eyes parties have done nothing but impress.
Be sure to check out Wide Eyes on Facebook to keep up to date with their upcoming parties:

Written by Andy Brennan


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