This Month In Electronic Music (December)

Expanding on the previous format of our ‘Reviews…in Brief’, we have decided to give you guys a brief overview of what we’ve found interesting in the world of electronic music this month. So we’ll be covering releases, events, announcements and news. Check it out!

Wayfarer – Afterlight EP (UA005)
Uprise Audio continue to deliver the best releases in the scene, all maintaining that futuristic style and flex we’ve come to expect. This release from Wayfarer certainly follows suit – a perfect addition to the label’s catalogue. His distinguishable ancestral style flows through the entire body of this EP, from the free flowing ‘Afterlight’, to the heavy hitting percussion based ‘Azuma’ reminiscent of his previous track ‘Shaman’. ‘Zeg’ and ‘Nomad’ finish the EP, engaging you with brute force power, riddling numerous bongos and tribal based noises throughout. This is a must purchase for anyone who shares a love for 140 mayhem.

Purchase available here:

L.I.E.S. – Music For Shut-Ins (LIES041)

This collection of 21 tracks caps off an incredible 2013 for the LIES family in the same way American Noise cemented their rise at the end of 2012. An eclectic mixture of house, techno and ambient sounds with the typicaly punk spirit and rugged production which the label is known for. Highlights include the thunderous and warped ‘Crush Of Lust’, the crazy horns and vocals of ‘Unreal (CA Faith Mix)’ and ‘Mind Mantra’ which is a thumping tribal track washed over with layers of psychedelia.

Purchase available here:

Mala – Changes/Miracles (MEDI077)
Everyone has been calling for the pair of these remixes to come out at some point and most certainly never expected it. Distance’s remix of ‘Changes’ is a breath of fresh air, with the remix master himself mashing the track into a frenzy of drums, signature Distance sounds, yet maintaining the daunting vocals and sounds from the original. The Commodo remix of ‘Miracles’ matches the prior track limb for limb, having been played by some of the most highly proclaimed DJ’s in the game. He imprints his energetic style into the track, coagulating a bass bending, synth based structure, birthing full movement from start to finish.

Purchase available here:

Rinse Boxing Day @ fabric, London (26/6/13)
The Rinse takeover of London club fabric is now a much loved Boxing Day tradition; a highly anticipated festive party. As always, the line up was truly incredible and catered to such a wide variety of tastes within the UK scene. Youngsta brought his highly revered new night, Contact, to take over room three with that heavy dubstep fire with a line up which included J:Kenzo, Amit, Seven and of course the man himself. Highlights from the other rooms included a typcailly party oriented set from Skream and Matt Jam Lamont closing the night with an incredible mix of old and new garage stylings.

Sleeper & District – Resurrection EP (CHSTD001)
Chestplate have at last launched their digital only release catalogue, hopefully meaning a larger amount of output from the artists on the label. The digital debut release features 6 powerful tracks – new and old from one of the best current combo’s in the dubstep scene; Sleeper & District. With the likes of ‘War’ and ‘Innate’ featuring on the EP, you can easily distinguish the quality, fuelled with sheer flow and constant vigour. They even throw in a choppy track by the name of ‘Psychosis’, adding something a little different, demonstrating their ease to deviate away from their usual fluid productions.

Purchase available here:

Blank Tracks #2
Fellow bloggers ‘Paint It Blank’ are exploding out of the speakers with this 14 track free EP featuring some huge names. It’s bangers start to finish but highlights for myself were Church resident Seb Wildblood’s slow jamming sound scape; its euphoric piano riffs and off beat clicksmake it the perfect song to relax to. This albums packed with contrast though and Jack the Hustler’s ‘Critical’ couldn’t be further from ‘relaxing’. It’s packed with dark synths, weighty bass lines and hrsh snares; a real dance floor destroyer.

Download available here:

Comm Une – Trikk @ Bigg St Warehouse, Birmingham
Hidden in the back streets of Birmingham is ‘Gibb St Warehouse’; a criminally underused industrial sace packed with big sound systems and the potential for some amazing nights. Comm Une took over their ‘Bunker’ and filled it with techno and house last thursday and considering it was a small evening the vibe was spot on. Trikk headlined and brought the perfect balance of dark and upbeat techno to have the small crowd right on their toes. Residents Mayan & Bastian held down the fort at the end, with Tom Jenkins starting the night off. Sets from everyone were spot on, it’s just a shame more people aren’t willing to party in Brum!

Youngsta & Seven – Architects/War Cry (TEMPA084)
Tempa continue to push the boundaries with their releases and are arguably the best label around at the current time with recent releases from J:Kenzo, Truth and Killawatt & Ipman. This next release combines one of the highest level producers with one of the best minds in the business, a collaboration which has seen various jaw-dropping tracks in the past. ‘Architects’ is a synth haven, riddled with bass laced, saber like sounds, implementing a futuristic sound. ‘War Cry’ on the other hand takes a completely different approach, carrying a much more spacious structure, mainly consisting of a heavyweight bass line throughout the track and limited but hard hitting percussion.

Purchase available here:


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