Just Jack: KiNK Neville Watson & My Love Is Underground Review

just jack 1

I was so happy to see Just Jack announce an event at the recently opened Empire Theatre. From everything I had heard, it seemed to be the ideal venue for the madness that is one of their parties. To top this off, Jack put on an impressive line-up comprised of KiNK & Neville Watson in ‘The Sleaze Pit’ with the My Love Is Underground gang taking over in ‘The Red Room’ as well as the usual residencies of Tom Rio and Dan Wild.

Upon arrival, it was clear that this definitely was an ideal venue. They had decked the place out with the incredible décor they have become known for featuring mannequins, potted plants and a large clown face with flashing images for eyes.  This really sets the vibe for the fun filled, carnivalesque atmosphere they are continuing to cultivate at their parties.

The night was kicked off by the residents and as they worked through their sets it was clear how well their sense of the dance floor has been tuned. As the dance floors filled up and got livelier so did they, warming the room up to fever pitch. After they produced plenty of hands in the air moments from their mixture of rolling bass lines and forays into techier and acid tinged sounds, it was time for KiNK and Neville Watson to step up on the perfectly weighted Funktion One sound system.

Having met online in the mid 00’s, Strahil Velchev AKA KiNK and acid house alumni Neville Watson have since released a number of brilliant collaborations on Hour House Is Your Rush and Snuff Trax. Their decision to start performing together a few years ago has been a real success and their set tonight was no different. They kicked it off with a DJ set which encompassed a wide variety of sounds and textures from across the house and techno spectrum with tinges of psychedelia and African percussion.

just jack

However, it was their live show that was truly the centrepiece of the evening. This was not the half-hearted setting off of some loops that gets called a live set elsewhere; it was clear how hard they were working to build up the rhythms and sounds from the equipment they had. From my vantage point, their set up included at least one Novation pad, a midi keyboard, a Roland 707, a Korg Nanokontrol running through a laptop and a mixing desk. They would build the sound in a particular direction for minutes, adding and warping elements to keep things interesting, before switching things up and going off an another exhilarating tangent.

This was yet another successful Just Jack party to add to their impressive back-catalogue of memorable nights. Always keen to keep the party going, they have got two killer parties coming up. They take over the Empire Theatre again for New Year’s Eve with the inimitable Move D and their 8th birthday; the line-up of which was announced on the night and featured Moodymann, Omar S, Bicep, Midland, Paul Woolford, Roman Flugel, Gerd Janson and Bez.

Be sure to check out their Facebook for more info on these and their future parties:


Thanks to Here & Now for the photography:


Written by Andy Brennan


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