Klose One – Trigga’s Tale / Slippery Review (SCHOOL003)


Two years ago Klose One was still perfecting his mixing mastery in the shadows, then with the rise of School and Swamp someone along the way spotted what a genius this man is when presented with a set of decks and a mixer. Much like how EZ treats garage and how Youngsta must view dubstep; Klose One doesn’t see a list of songs to be played in a linear fashion, he instead sees a whole new dimension of audio creation by using two or three songs together to formulate entirely new sounds. When I first heard he was beginning to produce, knowing full well his creativity behind the decks, I was very excited to see whether this masterful DJ could put his ideas down. The results have been fantastic.

Fittingly, School Records have signed him up for his first release and it’s a double sided bass music delight. ‘Trigga’s Tale’ first appeared in Swamp/ School mixes a few months ago and it’s few songs doing the rounds currently that break the mould of intro – drop – second drop which nearly all electronic music follow. Instead, Klose One decided to start off with big heavy hitting kick drums coupled with bass kicks, creating a real stomping intro. This then breaks down to a long and intricate sample of Manchester’s Mc Trigga explaining a recent night out. As his story draws to a close, the audio in the back ground begins to change from a light yet somehow ominous sounding synth to an epic build up as the sounds begin to close in on each other and enter a haunting crescendo. The bass kicks explode back in and the sample repeats over itself; creating one of the most unique sounding drops in music at the moment. This song gets a huge reaction everywhere, very hyped to see it getting a release.

The B side is based on a similar 4×4 focus, again breaking free of usual techno constraints; Klose One has been very liberal with his use of audio and the final effect is outstanding. It creates a very raw, drawn back sounding piece of music that stands well out in any mix. The intro is built with in your face kicks and reversed bass stabs placed neatly atop a repetitive but unique bass synth. The main focus of this release has been diversity while keeping it quite plain and simple, and the end result is fantastic. Be sure to check out Klose One DJ’ing with Swamp and School around the country, as he rises through the ranks of DJs and is finally getting noticed for the skills he possesses.

Purchase available here: http://www.surus.co.uk/school-records/triggas-tale-slippery-23546.aspx

Be sure to check out Klose One on Facebook:


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Written By Michael Thomas


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