Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for November


Chewie – Untitled

The Uprise Audio crew are unstoppable; you really can’t say anything bad about any of the music they’re producing as a unit. This one delivers a real rugged vibe, filled with rolling energy through the bass line and abstract Synth. There are rumours that this is forthcoming as UA006, so keep your eyes open for that.

Distance – Untouchable

It’s always pretty easy to identify a Distance track, generally signified through the acute synth work he layers throughout. The vocal sample adds even more of a sinister edge to it and the sub drops give it an additional dynamic. I’m highly anticipating another batch of released tracks from him, hopefully including this one and another one of my favourites, ‘Andromeda’

V.I.V.E.K – Rockers

Some fresh material from System kingpin, V.I.V.E.K, adding to his backlog of top tracks, built perfectly for that system sound. As always he maintains his earthy sound, layering a complex drum pattern over a warming bass line. The whole sub-based atmosphere he creates throughout this track is captivating, soothing your mind in mesmerising fashion.

Commodo – F_ck Mountain

Commodo is an artist who needs no introduction, having been at the forefront of the futuristic side of dubstep of late, especially for the Deep Medi family. His jagged synth work (similar to what he used in the production of $pace Cash) is the main element of this powerful piece of music and the way he fades the synths, swiftly adapting the track into a dwindling atmospheric soundscape is unmatched by anyone else in my opinion.

Amit – Untitled

You can instantly identify that Amit aura with every production he makes, including this bass swaying piece. The vocal sample used, intertwining with the warping SFX and light bongos give a real daunting feel to this one. 

J:Kenzo – Magneto VIP

When you think something can’t get any better, J:Kenzo steps up and absolutely obliterates it with the VIP. Previous evidence of his VIP brilliance come in the re-works of ‘Roteks’ and ‘Ricochet’, but this has to be the best yet. He’s elongated that earth shaking synth, added a much more rolling bass line and beefed up the percussion of the track to make one of the most face scrunching songs out there.

DJ Madd – Burning Dance

Recently, DJ Madd has danced away from the sound presented on ‘The Real & The Shadow’ and instead has been heavily influenced with the dub sound he’s previously been known for. This one however, incorporates both styles, dark and dubby, forming a weight filled track, laced with the minimalistic style.

Asylum – Untitled

When I first heard this, I instantly thought it must be a member of the Uprise crew, in particular sounding like the works of Asylum. The swaggering sub bass unleashed on the drop and the hollowed out 808’s show similarities to what he used in ‘Zero Gravity’, adding variety and eye-catching qualities to the track.

Wayfarer – Afterlight

The upload of this track brought a lot of confusion on initial listening, as it’s being played with the acapella of ‘Reflections’. However, you’ll be happy to know this one is forthcoming very soon on Uprise Audio as UA005 in the series, so you’ll be able to play it yourself on its own. Yet again, you can easily distinguish that Wayfarer sound, from those ancestral growls and rugged drum patterns, bringing ultimate power and weight.

Jeph1 – Music To The People

Deeper Vibrations always impress with the uploads, bringing a lot of music from artists a vast amount of people wouldn’t have heard of. This was one of my personal favourites from the last month, from an artist I personally hadn’t heard of before. A meditative humming bass line is laced underneath a beautiful pattern of dancing drums and a hypnotic pan flute, assembling a track filled with authenticity.

AKX – FKOFd003
In addition to my Top 10, I’m featuring the third minimix instalment of the FKOFd series, this time from AKX, which again includes 4 top tracks slapped onto one EP.

Massive shouts to Deeper Vibrations, Havoc, Resonatick and FatKidOnfire who all featured on this post;

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Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button.


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