Vaun & Animai – Taking Over Review (SMMS001)


Following on from her incredible contribution with Wayfarer on ‘Reflections’, Animai has hooked up with another fantastic up and coming producer who knows his way around bass weight; Vaun. This highly anticipated release on MindStep is a brilliant piece of work and comes with three remixes and an extended instrumental version.

‘Taking Over’ swells up with Animai’s striking vocals over wandering keys, building up into a truly entrancing piece of music. These elements are layered over enveloping bass with the occasional mid-range wobble and the smooth guitars in the outro combine with an increasingly intense vocal performance to bring the track to a satisfying ending. The enchanting quality of this track is derived from the simplicity of the track; it takes a lot to build a track with so much space that remains as captivating as this.

The Simbad remix retains the haunting vocals but builds them up into a more percussive and lively track. I feel like he has done a really good job of holding plenty of that tension and atmosphere from the original whilst bringing a vastly different overall vibe.  As expected, Wayfarer brings the track into the dark and tribal world he inhabits; disconcerting synths and bongo rolls warped over dark and heavy bass.

Sam KDC, unsurprisingly, also opts to build the track around Animai’s vocal work. This is a really dubby piece which incorporates a slightly warped version of the midrange bass from the original alongside some percussion for the steppas.

Pick up the track for yourselves here:

Be sure to check out Mindstep on Facebook:

and Soundcloud:


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