Dom and Roland – Unofficial Jah/Outta Endz Review (META014)


Since his induction to the scene in 1994, Dom and Roland gained notoriety both as a DJ and in the studio; the ‘Roland’ in his name coming from the famous drum machine will testify to this fascination with production. In the last 19 years he has come out with a string of bangers, always bringing something a little darker to the ever evolving sound of drum and bass.

Dom and Roland’s gritty new ‘Unofficial Jah / Outta Endz’ EP, which has been destroying dance floors for the last few months, was released on the legendary Metalheadz label on Monday 18th November, the first Dom and Roland track to be released on the label for over ten years. Both tracks are dark, upfront and aggy; bringing in old school vibes with up to date production. ‘Unofficial Jah’ is relentless; blending razor sharp, rattling drums with a slowly pulsing bass line and dubbed out samples and highs.

The flip is also a smasher, more nostalgic, with a jungly chopped up rhythm, ragga vocals and a sample from Dr. Alimantado’s Gimme Mi Gun, as used in the jungle anthem Dred Bass by Dead Dred. ‘Outta Endz’ got people scarily hyped at Dispatch Recording’s recent night at the Exchange in Bristol and I’m definitely hoping to hear it out again. ‘Unofficial Jah / Outta Endz’ is available for download and on vinyl at the Metalheadz store, along with Unofficial Jah merch; rolling papers and t shirts, so you can skank out to these riddims in style.

Be sure to head over and pick up a copy:

Check Dom and Roland out on Soundcloud:

Written by Guy Carr


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