MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 November

This remix of Nitri’s ‘Against Out Will’ by J-Kenzo is a killer. Offering that heavy J –Kenzo touch this track has some of crispest drums I’ve heard this year!

Only stumbled upon Olson this month and I can’t believe I didn’t hear about him sooner. This is really relaxing and soulful drum and bass with some excellent production to emphasise just how great it is.

Every month so far I’ve looked at Samurai Music Group for at least one tune for my top ten. This time round its Homemade Weapons tune ‘Kintaro’ that gets mentioned. Deep drum and bass with loads of atmosphere and quirky little beats.

With so many huge names on this track it was bound to be amazing. Really atmospheric and intelligent drum and bass combining an old school sound with something very modern. If you’ve never heard of any of these producers, now is the time to get out and recognise.

Really soulful and jazzy drum and bass coming from Mystic. A lot of producers seem to be pushing towards this style a lot more recently so it’s going to be interesting to see how diverse it can get!

Huge names on a huge record company means huge tune! Old school vibes from two of the greatest. It’s nice to know there are still DJ’s out there pushing this sound and that those producers are absolutely incredible. This next to Jubei’s recent LP shows great things coming for drum and bass

This guy needs no introduction. As usual dominating the genre with his versatile style, Icicle releases this beast on Shogun Audio. The track leaves me speechless every time, let that do the talking.

Firstly, big congratulations to Joe Ford for getting signed to Shogun Audio. After listening to this track I’m not surprised why, offering a brilliant energy filled track that has some brilliant glitch elements.

The most recent upload on our YouTube channel sees Keosz releasing an absolutely stunning dark track. The amount of atmosphere in this track is incredible. As the intro comes in you get an eastern feeling and then the track just takes over and engulfs you in its amazing ambience!


Last but certainly not least is this liquid beauty, ‘Akira’, forthcoming on Monochrome Recordings. The snippet of preview we saw was enough to bring high levels of excitement.




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