Artist in Focus: ARtroniks


ARtroniks (Arne De Meyer) has been a rapidly rising artist in the dubstep scene for the past couple of years. Now, he is finally receiving the recognition for his work, gaining increasing backing from numerous top producers and DJs in the game. Based in Ghent, Belgium, he has been involved in production for many years, having gained knowledge of how to use synths and drum machines from his dad. Although previously he began producing techno, house and some lower tempo tracks, he discovered dubstep was where his heart lay and was instantly captivated by the deep atmospheric edge he could encapsulate listeners with.
His alienated mid-range and swelling bass-lines have always been something that stands out in a mix. Additionally, from drawing back on his previous musical journeys; he’s able to implement a techy element into his music.
With plenty of releases already, mainly coming from Dubtastic Records, we can only hope that more of his dubplates will be unleashed out from underneath the rocks where they are hiding in the near future. I certainly want to see the likes of ‘Torodial’ and ‘Shifted’ amongst others being shown the light of day.
Although we’ve had this on lockdown for a while now, we did manage to have a little sit down with ARtroniks and get a little feedback on what life’s like for him, through a few questions and answers:
Spectrum: If you had to release on any label at all, what would it be, and what are the reasons behind your choice? In relation to how they represent your sound the most?

There are many labels I would like to have a release on but if I had to choose one it would be Tempa. It’s a versatile label that always delivers and I think my style would fit. The label represents some different styles but it always maintains a sort of techy and futuristic vibe.

Spectrum: I’ve seen numerous line ups throughout Belgium, especially Ghent, which have easily matched anything over here in the UK. What’s the scene like over there and how have you personally seen it evolve over the past few years? Are there many local nights for yourselves?

I would say the scene is still healthy. There are numerous parties with very decent line-ups. There was a little downfall a while ago where not many people attended the deeper dubstep events but it seems the scene is still very alive at the moment. I’m very thankful that I could play at Rotation, an event founded by Gaz and always a great pleasure to play at. He let me play on some nights and that’s how I got some more DJ experience.

Spectrum: In relation to other artists, who’s been really catching your eye lately? Any jaw dropping tracks, unreleased or released that you feel deserves mentioning?

Lots of producers are making moves but Deafblind, Jafu, Feonix and Shiken are definitely the eye catchers. These guys are making tune after tune. I can’t wait to hear more.

Here’s an example:

Spectrum: How would you describe the direction you’ve taken in the exclusive mix you’ve put together for Spectrum?

The mix I made contains some of my favourite tunes at the moment. It has some different styles, but I’ll let the music speak for itself so enjoy this musical journey.

Spectrum: Have you got anything forthcoming you can let us in on, or any tracks you’d specifically like to get out there?

There are a few things in the work but I can’t say much about that. Other than that I have a track that recently came out on a chillout compilation for Konfront Records. You can listen to it here:

Keep an eye out because there are some releases coming your way.

Kromestar – Outer Limit
The Weeknd – Rolling Stone (Truth Remix)
Darj – Aldebaran
Sativa – Solution (Prevax Remix)
Sleeper – The 2nd Step
ARtroniks – Downturn
Echomaker – Ragnarök
Thelem – Synthetic Artifacts
Headhunter – Prototype
Lefty – Boxcutter
Deafblind & Living Proof – My Salvation
Biome – Redux
Perverse – Symmetry
Outbound – Aphotik (ARtroniks Remix)
Proxima – Brainstem
Subreachers – Hanbö
LAS – Uuha
Jafu – Mercenary
Gantz – U Wont Mind (Thelem Remix)
Seven & Joe Raygun – Live from the Future
ARtroniks – Shifted
ARtroniks – Torodial
Digid – Outer Rim
Subreachers – Shockwave
Vicious Circle – Hibernation
Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees
Dark Tantrums – Cosmic

Written By Drew Jones


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