MOR Drum & Bass Top 10 October

  1. Mefjus & Icicle – Contemporary 

When you see these two names on a track you can only imagine how good it’s going to be. With both artists at the top of their game; this collaboration proves that Icicle and Mefjus are killing it!

2.Reza & ARPxP – When You Gone


This killer release on Metalheadz sees the debut of Reza & ARPxP. This is a really clever drum and bass tune with amazing vocals. The track offers some nice sounding drums and it all seamlessly fits together to make an outstanding debut release!

3. Jubei – State of Art ft SP:MC


This is one of my favourite releases recently particularly as SP:MC adds a brilliant element to this tune . I also love the message behind the track .There’s not much else to say about this other than that if there is one track to listen to today , make it this!

4. DLR – Trading Places


DLR’s recent release on Horizons music , Trading Places , has that distinctiveDLR sound to it. If you’ve listened to enough DLR you’ll understand that this generally means great production and brilliant progression through the tracks and this is no different!

5. Jubei – The Prayer (with Goldie)


Jubei brings in that classic DNB sound from the start and with Goldie involved I didn’t expect anything less. This track really does offer another quality release from Jubei on his first LP release “To Have & Have Not”.

6. Symptom – Drama


An elegant liquid drum and bass release with a killer bass line. The way the track opens with the brilliant strings gives the track that warm liquid feeling. From there the bass line compliments the rest of the track and shows why Symptom is as respected in the scene as he is.

7. Gremlinz , Rumbleton , The Untouchables – Apache~


Another sick release on the Samurai Music Group. Apache is the perfect name for this track. The drums have that Native American feeling to it and the vocals give off a similar vibe. This is getting a release on 11.11 as part of the After Dark E.P so make sure you grab a copy!

8. Secrets by Captivate ft Laura Hahn


Secrets by Captivate is one of my favourite uploads I’ve done for the channel this month. The vocals are brilliantly emphasized by the production of the rest of the track.

9.  32 Beats – And Jazz And Funk

Chillax Trax have put out a number of brilliant releases over the time I’ve been running the channel. This is one of the latest releases I was made aware of and it’s just absolutely amazing. The drums have a brilliant flow to them and the overall atmosphere of the track is set from the intro. If you’ve never heard of Chillax Trax before make sure you get to know of them.

10. Frederic Robinson – Mixed Signals Preview


I have big love for Blu Mar Ten and their releases on Blu Mar Ten Music. Frederic Robinson’s recent LP, ‘Mixed Signals’, is a brilliant example of why I do. It’s not your everyday kind of drum and bass and it’s not strictly limited by the genre. It explores and develops a number of sounds that offer a unique release of every track.


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