Jamie Lidell- Big Love Remix EP (WAP352)

jamie lidell remixes

The EP, out on Warp, features three remixes and an edit of tracks from Jamie Lidell’s eponymous album from February this year. Travis Stewart, AKA Machinedrum, Lidell band member Lorenz Rhode and multitalented Jimmy Edgar work their magic with standout album track ‘Big Love’. French, relative unknown Crackboy also has a dabble with another track from the album, ‘You Naked’.

Machinedrum kicks off proceedings with rolling 808 claps and plenty of reworked vocals. Characteristically Machinedrum short piano stabs are littered throughout as well as plenty of heavy, pulsing bass and morphing synth lines.

Next up is Lorenz Rhode’s take on ‘Big Love’; a sleazy 80s throwback of electro-funk synth stabs and meandering melodies. The swirling synths, twinkling bells and guitar riffs give it a vast sound that’s particularly uplifting and is sure to put a smile on your face. Jimmy Edgar opts to lay the vocal hook over an arpeggiated synth line which clearly adds to the disco roots of the original.

The Crackboy remix of ‘You Naked’ takes a thudding house route whilst keeping the 80s link with elongated and reverberated 808 cowbells. The vocal is pitched down to the point of being incomprehensible and repeated throughout which along with the synth work makes this a real house banger.

The EP presents interesting takes on the originals, all of which surpass the source content in my opinion. This is a collection of happy music that is sure to liven up any dance floor.

Buy the EP here:


Check out the Warp Records website:


And their Soundcloud:

Written by Andy Brennan


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