Infernal Sounds: Top 10 for October


The Others – Untitled

It appears as though a number of artists are beginning to regress back to their roots; with Caspa and Joker already delving back to their deeper and darker style. The Others have also followed suit. The hard hitting bass kick and the rugged mids create this energy filled track, thriving in movement and aggression.

Truth – Untitled

This one holds supreme weight, sucker punching you right in the face. Truth certainly know how to make some of the best bass around, lacing this beat with sustained aggression through the mid-range. With two minds both working on new material, this duo seem to be able to keep a constant flow of new tracks, week in, week out.

Machinedrum – Gunshotta (Amit Remix)

Instantly identifiable track from Amit, stripping back this track and giving it that foundation sound. I love his use of the pan flutes and soothing bass line which he tends to include in most of his productions. It’s the most perfect sound for a sound system.

J:Kenzo – When It’s Late

This one from J:Kenzo sounds like it could have been produced by one of the Chestplate gang. The gritty mid-range gives me that impression, but it still holds that J:Kenzo groove.

Youngsta & The Others – Untitled

Yet another deep and dark track from The Others, showing evident signs they’re branching back into their more oldschool style of producing,  this time combining with Youngsta to deliver devastating force.

ARtroniks – Biovisionary

One of Belgium’s finest; ARtroniks has been impressing me for a while, breeding some of the best alienated mids in the scene. He uses them acutely in this track, fortifying it with a weighty grooving bass line.

Truth – Untitled

This one is apparently another dubplate from Truth, who honestly do have a ridiculous back catalogue up until now, all holding supreme quality. They fill this track with energy, using heavy bass drops and surging mids, captivating you with the light piano work.

AxH – Boulevard Stroll (N-type Remix)

I absolutely love N-type as a producer; he’s had some right bangers in his time. This one oozes energy, using the twisted mid-range, taking the original and mashing it up. This and the AxH version are forthcoming on Dubs Alive Records, make sure you go check them out.

Caspa – Untitled

I was pretty surprised when I was informed that this one is apparently another Caspa piece. Regardless, the vibe implemented with those harmonious synths and smooth bass line are enlightening.

Subreachers – Mystical

New and exclusive from Subreachers. Like any other Subreachers material, this one holds a mesmerizing introduction, layering warped SFX underneath a vocal sample. As the track title suggests, it holds a mystical vibe, yet delivers a heavy step, through the sharp snare.

Subreachers – FKOFd002

In addition to my Top 10, I’ll be featuring the second instalment of the FKOFd releases. For the second release they’ve teamed up with Subreachers to bring you a four track EP, including a collaboration with 11th Hour

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Reamz – 500 EP
Also, if you missed it, Spectrum and Reamz teamed up to bring you the 500 EP. The EP features 5 tracks and I featured the mini mix on the channel. The download links are in the info section of the video.

Finally would like to say again from Infernal Sounds; Big up all the other YouTube channels pushing the underground minimal sounds.
If you’re feeling the channel or any of the tracks, swing on over and hit the subscribe button


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