Dense & Pika – Colt EP (HF041)

Colt EP

The influence of Paul Rose’s Hotflush label has been great; helping to shape the post dubstep void and evolving into a real presence in the forward thinking techno scene. Having released seminal music from many respected artists including Mount Kimbie, Jimmy Edgar and Rose himself under his Scuba or SCB aliases, the label has gone from strength to strength and it continues to grow. This EP from Dense & Pika is a typical Hotflush techno release as it maintains a high level of creativity whilst still providing dance floor impact.

The EP starts off with the eponymous and stand out track, ‘Colt’. Deep bass kicks and rattling highs are unexpectedly joined by euphoric piano to produce a truly emotive techno sound. Distorted snares and a rolling bass line work this one into a frenzy but the slow and deep chords keep the vibe light and airy. This track represents a concoction that shouldn’t work but definitely does.

‘Black Deep’, as the name suggests, takes things back to Dense & Pika’s darker side. The bass stabs and demonic vocals over their typically crunchy kicks really work a treat. ‘Vomee’ again takes a more conventional approach and is a real percussive workout with deep, atmospheric synths draped over the piece.

‘Airless’ shows a real experimental side which is obviously at home on Hotflush. The track was recorded in one take and takes a real tribal approach with bongos and ominous woodwind samples taking to the forefront over heavy kicks and wobbling bass.

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Written By Andy Brennan


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